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Moms surgery

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. It went well.. The doc says everything went very well and is looking for a full recovery.. The only thing she has to worry about now is newmonia< spelling.

    She looked good but real week when I saw her this evening..

    Thanks to all for the good karma.. Keep her in your thoughts, vibes and karma please.. She is a fighter, so she will be fine.. Nothing wrong with a little help from my fellow smokers though!!!
  2. good to hear shes doing good...ill keep on sending good karma ur way
  3. Thanks critter.. If she could move a little more, she could use that...

    All we can do for now is give her a kiss on the cheek!!
  4. I'm gunna come bake yur mom some brownies.....kk???I promise it'll make her much better...I promise....=DGood vibes for a full recovery on the way bud head!!!!!Also good karma to you for bein strong=D

  5. You are more than welcome to make the brownies.. The last time I did, she threatened to kick my ass....

    I gave her the wrong ones... I had two batches made.. One for the family and one for me..

    She doesn't do the weed thing.. She doesn't mind giving me hell about doing weed either...
  6. Awesome. Glad to hear things are on the up and up.

    ------------->Still sending karma, though :D
  7. This is wonderful news BH!! I'm so happy to hear your Mum is getting better.

    Kudos to you for being tough and supporting her when she need you most.

    Karma to you both still. (You can never have too much good karma) :D
  8. HIGH All, glad things went well BH.....give her All the best from us up here on The WET Coast.

    I wish we could give these to her ourselves....but I guess this would have to do.

    Attached Files:

  9. *kiss* *kiss* one for each of yea! good to hear momma dukes is doing good :)
  10. Man, I love the stoners here! Karma, love, brownies, hugs and flowers...that's stoner love right there!

    I'm glad everything went well, Bud Head! I knew she'd be fine! I'll keep sending karma and love her way. :)

    I have an order for you, Mister. I know how worried you've been so you need to take a break for yourself...just kick back, stay stoned for a while and know you're loved.

  11. She is waiting on some grilled salmon to make things perfect... Some from the wet coast would be perfect...

    Thanks to all of the greatest people of the world who reside right here at the city... All the love and karma from you blades have made things alot better...

    YA"LL ROCK!!!!!!
  12. Sending some buddhist karma your way, 100% pure goodness, hope she gets better. :D

  13. HIGH All, PM me Big'll be on it's way!!!!
  14. I got a call from my dad today about 1:00 oclock in the afternoon... They moved her from ICU down to a private room...

    The only thing she wanted was to see Samantha.. She told my dad for me to get Samantha up there asap or else...

    Yes I took her up there as quick as I could.. CVan't have mom mad at me you know!!!!!!!

    She was set back a little today.. they had to roll her around some to get most of the tubes out.. She only has 2 tubes left in her now.. 1 is for the fluid and blood to drain from around her lung... the other is oxygen..

    She looked pale and week, but she is doing fine..

    Thanks for all the help..

    Unoit.. I would send the PM, but she can't have salmon for a while any way!
  15. I do hope your mom is recovering well. Samantha is such a sweetie. She could make anyone feel better!

  16. Samantha makes my day every time I see her and see what she does next.. She does brighten the lives around here..

    I hope all is well in your neighborhood MSMJ..

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