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Moments that make a stoner happy

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by TurnerBurner124, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. Hey guys!

    My personal favorites:

    When you drop the last of your friends off and you open your glovebox to see that there is still some of that bowl you smoke it on the drive home.

    When you've got some food to munch on and just as you pull up to the stoplight, it turns red. Thus, making smashing on your food much easier.

    What about ya'll?
  2. When you go to a sit down restaurant blazed as hell, order some delicious food, wait for 15 minutes, and then finally see it delivered to your table. Nothing's better

    That or getting a call from a friend who says he got a shipment in and he'll let you sample his new pick-ups for free
  3. If you smoke with anyone who smokes for the first time, and they enjoy it!
  4. when you meet a person, smoke a bowl with them and find out there going to match you :D

    when you and your friends are hanging out smoking bowls, friends parents walk in and everyone BUT the son shits a brick, then the parents laugh and say "weve got piza downstairs if you stoners want any" they laugh and leave, leaving everybody shocked and the son/friend laughing his ass off at our reaction.
  5. smoking for free of course but returning the favor makes me feel happy 2, and having someone to smoke with because smoking alone isn't much fun for me because i get very social lol
  6. When I powered up my first homemade induction coil.
  7. Before I knew my friend's mom smoked medical marijuana, me and him were smoking out of his bong in his room. His mom comes home and opens the door to his room. She looks at me and says hi, goes to her room for a minute, and comes back with a gram of some club stuff she picked up. My friend, his mom, and I all get blazed off this club stuff. I thought smoking with a parent would be weird, but it was actually pretty cool
  8. anytime I see the truth about marijuana presented to the public. Did that commercial ever actually show on cnn like it was supposed to?

    When a greenlight turns red as you're waiting to weigh something in a moving car

    when that bastard that is always calculating and greedy finally gets taught a lesson that it's not okay to smoke on other people's bud and peices and never return the favor.

    anytime someone that has wronged you gets karma's sweet sweet backhand
  9. Finding sacks that you thought were lost, or finding little nugs when you clean your car.

    really just finding any weed you didnt know you have. it's
  10. My boyfriend left me some weed today... because I'm ouuuuuut. :D
  11. the smell of a new pickup. A deep inhilation and the aroma lol:hello:

  12. When you haven't been able to smoke for a few days...and your friend wakes you up with a coupe of bowls of some kill

    It happened to me today!
  13. when i take a huge rip of crip after a week of reg to lower my tolerance down some.
  14. Finding a huge nug on the floor
  15. When you smoke and think you are done, but then remember you have a nug left, and then smoke it haha
  16. Purchasing of a new piece and walking out of the store. Honestly i get just so happy after i make my purchase:hello: Buying your first piece is always the best aswell.
  17. I know I've already posted, but I just remembered this one time when I was smoking with my best friend in my room right after i'd gotten out of the shower.We were nearing the end of our session, wondering why we had such less bud than we should've, we finished. Then when I stood up and looked down I had two huge buds sticking to the terrycloth on my robe!

    We were both very very happy stoners!
  18. the crackling of a gree bowl being roasted.

    The small bubbling of a bong.

    Sitting in a dark room with a freshly loaded bowl, when the lighter's lit and about to hit it just looks so right
  19. The police walking past you in the park while you're smoking a joint and not noticing it :D Happened to me yesterday

  20. Lmao Absolutley!

    the other day it was really sunny here so me and the dudes went to the park to enjoy a few jays, then a bobbie came on a bike so we were like hmm .. hid the blunt that was lit up .. he rode off.. came back like 5 minutes later, asked us if we were drinking we were like nah and he went again.. muahah bestever <3:D:hello:

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