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Mom is so pissed.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iHotbox, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. So basically what happened in a nutshell is that I wanted to talk to my parents about weed cause I dont feel like hiding it from her any more and she seemed to be more reasonable although I have suspicions of my dad smoking weed. Anyway, I talked to her about it and she was like Im not cool with you smoking weed. Furthermore, she started like stalking my facebook and shit and texting me when I go out constantly asking me what Im doing. I should have freedom im fucking 18 but I dont have anywhere else to live so I couldnt really argue with her about it cause shes reaaaalll defensive. Anyway, tonight I kind of implied that I thought it was obnoxious how fucked up she was being about the situation and that I was just trying to talk to her about it, at least Im not trying to hide it from her. She had a bitchfit. She actually does know her shit how its not that bad for you but she thinks Im going to start doing like coke. I cant say anything to convince her I wont. I dont know what to say.
  2. Tell her that you have a damn brain and coke is not for you. You aren't some drone programmed to snort cocaine.
  3. she would just be like "thats what they all say". she knows a few coke and heroine addicts.
  4. damn dude, my parents i dont get them either, they told me i cant smoke until i pay bills. well in all honesty ill smoke when ever i damn feel like it im a 19 year old man now. Although i now refuse to use their money on my weed spending, so im not gonna smoke until i have a job, which brings me to the question.. do you use their money to buy weed? do you have a job? i find that parents are much more linient when you take responsibility.. i admire you telling your mom
  5. So your mother has no problem generalizing you as another future coke and heroin addict? Ask her where she thinks she went wrong in raising you, to make you a future cokehead.
  6. well she like knows people who had kids that were raised perfectly fine and ended up coke heads. her highschool boyfriend was a heroine addict for like 10 years.
  7. Move the fuck out boi. what you doing living at home over 18? (im assuming your not in high school, cause if you are, you shouldve know better than to pull that stunt while in school) im sure youll parents will appreciate you being out, and your lady friends will appreciate it too! For real though, you should weighed out the risk vs telling her did you smoke-- did you expect her to put on a smile and say "Oh lord lemme go buy you a bong boi, you can smoke in the house, here call some bitches while i cook you some pancakes then move out, here's the deed to the house btw."
  8. many people have that conversation with their parents. Thats not a ridiculous thing to do at all. my mom is a very levelheaded person, thats why i tried to talk to her about it.
  9. levelheaded is one thing..expecting your parents to be cool with you doing drugs WHILE you still live with them..meh
  10. nobody better give me shit for calling weed a drug--i realize its a plant, but in this situation i needed to prove the point
  11. Of course it's a drug. There's nothing wrong with drugs.
  12. alright, yes weed is considered a drug but the only reason it is considered a "gateway drug" is because its grouped with all the other really fucked up, hardcore drugs like heroine, meth, coke, etc. hell, tylenol is a drug. could you say tylenol is a "gateway drug"?
  13. your being hard headed. look at it from your mother's pov. you [her son that she pushed out of her body] is doing a drug. whether or not that drug is bad for you doesnt matter. its fucking illegal. being around drugs at all will open you up to other drugs [your choice whether to try them or not]. she obviously does not want her 18 year old son who just started his life to ruin it with jail time or getting fucked up over something drug related.

    get real man your mom will never be cool with you smoking till you have your own house and children. even then she wont like it. you told her to early my man lol
  14. She obviously doesn't know her shit if she thinks MJ is going to cut up a line of coke for you and pass you a tightly rolled 20 dollar bill
  15. Next time she yells at me I will just be like hold on let me show a video that represents my opinions:
    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

  16. if your tired of her bitching, move out. Your mom is just worried for you.
  17. I'd suggest you tell her, that you agree.
    That's what THEY all say, but realistically if you look at weed as a gateway drug - it has that potential yes, but only among certain people that are predisposed to have an addictive personality or irresponsible views on taking mind altering substances...though from what you've said, I take it that you're NOT that kind of person, though only you would know that for sure.
    If everyone that had weed went on to other things...there would be a lot more junkies/addicts out there than there are today.

    That said - I believe it is the RIGHT of a person to veto smoking, drug use, or even storage of these materials in their own house/a place they pay the rent for - this doesn't sound like something you've argued against but I'm just throwing it out there.
    If you're willing to accept/respect that, then that's great - because that means that if you (hopefully) haven't bullshitted about what you do and how much when you spoke to her, you've tried to be level headed about it, your chosen intoxicant/relaxant is not controlling you and yeah this would essentially be another thing that should underline your responsible use.
    So let's say you've been open and honest about everything with her...then if she's always calling you, going on your facebook etc, she'll have nothing new to learn from that - if it happens, when you see her next tell her that you've already told her where things stand, and if any new developments happen you'll tell her.
    When my mother gets irritating I just put my phone on silent, she may get the point that way...if she says that you're being all secretive, just tell her you didn't feel the need to have another one sided conversation about it.
  18. not to be a dick, but dog your 18. honestly if your letting your moms boss you around at this age your dumb. be respectful, but dont be too respectful.

  19. This +Rep

    Yeah in all reality if your still sucking off your parent's titty then they have you by the balls. I am a 19 year old woman, but I am self supportive all with the exception of home - I still live at home. I pay my all my bills and go to college I'm about to earn my associates degree in Information Systems Technology hoping to graduate with honors. My parents are okay with me smoking because they see that I can smoke and still do what I got to do. I think your parents would be cool with it if you had a job where you could support your own life then they would feel you are responsible enough to handle a decision like that maturely. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS. All moms are hard headed so shes really not going to pay attention to what your saying.

  20. Actually I told my mom, when i was younger and, my step dad has been dealing for me ever since, she doesnt care if I do it as long as I got to work and finish my schooling, and what not. Its pretty awesome.

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