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Mom ate my pot cookies; freaked out. her first hgih

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokeyjays420, May 11, 2011.

  1. for those of you that don't frequent haer's thread: .. i made a bunch of weed cookies and brownies for my bday and still had like 5 left over a week or so ago that were in a little plastic non-clear container in my room. My mom decided to go in there and get the dog's toy and noticed the container, so she decided to take a peak. She somehow scarfed down two cookies without noticing any taste discrepancies and kept going through her day..what happens next can really only be enjoyed in person hahaha. she called me up while i was on the way home from work freaking the fuck out talking about her heart beating fast, blacking out, nodding off, forgetting shit, getting dizzy spells,etc. oh man it was great. I told her i didnt know why and was on the way home :-x haha but when I got there I saw her and she asked if there was pot in the cookies and i said yeah haaa. she works for a prison so she was pissed about it being in her system and tried to be pissed but was so baked that she could only pair her squinty, asian eyes with a large cheshire cat grin. i guess she's embarrassed and sees that she shouldn't have been in my room and that i saw her high for her first time...epic Makes me glad I came home for the summer =]
  2. lmao that hilarious. i would love to sneak a pot brownie to my mom
  3. Awesome story man hahaha
  4. this shit has been played out so much.. haha. ZOMG!!! My momma ate my pot brownies!! Then she called the cops and the ate my brownies too!! ZOOOMMMGGG!!!! haha.

    If true, thats fucking awesome.
    If not, fuck you.
    Im gonna give you the benefit of the doubt, and say its true... So, congratulations my friend! Light up a bowl and be high with her :D
  5. lol i've never heard anyone else having a story where their uptight parent(S) ate any pot from them but i can assure you it sure it wouldnt be as grand if their parents did it intentionally but if you only knew my mother, it would make it that more hilarious. anti-weed,alcohol,anything that isnt following societies 'idealistic' standards she is against. so this was great :D
  6. no dude there was like seven fucking threads in an hour of people (2 or 3 days ago) with stories about how someone at their pot brownie... It was sooo annoying...
  7. haha this happend to my sister my mom mad pot brownies for a friend of was dying. my mom is totally against marijuana except for medical patients on the verge of death.... so my sister comes homes notices the brownies and slams on like ten of them... she goes out driving then freaks out calls an ambulance ends up in the hospital and calls my mom lol..... im jw what my mother was thinking. she told us just to not eat the brownies who pus brownies in a house full of kids and expects them not to eat them. so my anti weed mother got my sister high her first time when she was 17
  8. Ya like your mom is really going to go in your room, peek in your containers and eat food in them that came from god knows are up with these stories?
  9. Damn what if she gets drug tested? :O
  10. #10 smokeyjays420, May 11, 2011
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    damn..that kind of takes away from the story for the GC community. oh well, still cracks me up

    lol @ kush smoker..i really could care less if you believe it, i was just sharing because i think it's one of the top 5 funniest things thats happened to me..not sure what you mean by god knows where though? im her son with cookies in an appealing cookie container out in the open.

    but being a college kid that just came home and turned 21, i'm sure she wouldnt want to randomly go in a room im staying in in her house for whatever reason...? and who the fuck likes cookies?
  11. #11 smokeyjays420, May 11, 2011
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    that's what shes been freaking about and is pissed about but she's been going to the gym twice as hard and someone told her it would be out of her system in a week, along with me telling her the same thing so she has peace of mind i think.

    this is the container they were on..pretty much right where they were hah

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  12. Wat a coincidence! I baked sum browniez earlier, and when I took dem out of da oven I accidentally dropped one n my dog ate it, and my dog got so high it forgot it was a dog n took my girlfriendz car to the shops n now I'm really worried cos she's due back home soon and there's still no sign of the dog

  13. now THIS I believe
  14. That's awesome, man lol. Sucks if she does end up getting drug tested. Ahh...I really need to make brownies again.

  15. haha are you just going to keep trolling kid? if you don't believe it then just keep it moving to another thread..

  16. :laughing:
  17. weed stays in your system anywhere from 20-40 days
  18. not sure who lied to you. but for someone that goes to the gym 5 times a week, has never touched weed or anything else and is fit/has a high metabolism. If it was their goal i'd give them 2 weeks tops.

    smeh that people posted fake threads like this and it really didn't happen but it just sucks for them because it made me laugh for quite a while :smoke:
  19. That's quite a unique experience lol. Reminds me of Grandma's Boy with drinking the pot tea.

    In regards to the drug test, doesn't sweat get out toxins?

  20. Dogs can't eat chocolate, it's dead after having crashed your gf's car in a ditch somewhere. Sorry dude :(

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