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molly vs ecstasy pills in general...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by double_frick, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. yes, i know molly=mdma and thats the MAIN ingredient in ecstasy.

    now, is the after effects the same considering the molly is more pure? is there as much of a "jones" during come down?
  2. In my experience, with pressed pills i tend to come down harder. I think thats due to the cut (caffeine, tweak,etc.) With molly, one second im high as a kite, next im sober going "whoa:D:D"..

    So IMO i dont think MDMA comedown is that bad, but the cuts that will make you feel grimey.:smoke::smoke:
  3. Keep in mind that your molly can be cut with shit too.

    I've had almost just as many amph'd out rolls with molly as i have with normal pills.
  4. oh mos. definitely. I was implying MDMA pure. Its those damn cuts that will make you crash, but for ME..PURE MDMA leaves no crash.
  5. ^word i was actually directing that at the OP/general public not you haha.

    but yeah some pure molly is one of the best things ever. leaves me feeling phenomenal the next day actually.
  6. whenever i do molly i feel fine, if not above average the next day, everytime

    when i did actual pressed E i was puking balls the next day

  7. you did shitty pills then. simple as that. I've had a large amount of the rolls i've eaten be clean as hell and i felt amazing the next day.
  8. lol
    i've had days where i felt fabulous after a sleepless E night.
    then again...i've had days that were anything BUT fabulous afterwards...its really a gamble.

    and yes, semantics. but i DO understand molly could just as easily be cut.
  9. Pure MDMA can come down hard, if you take a lot

    I almost always get Molly capsules and I feel like there's a little left in my gut the next day which keeps me feeling fine. The day after that is when I'm a bit tired
  10. man molly is cut 90% of the time to

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