molino glass???

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    hey blades. i have the option of picking up something from and i was thinking about getting a molino mini bong.
    OR i could get a weed star steamroller (or ehle, roor) but im lookin at the weedstar cause its got gauze notches. what do you guys think? im going for quality and durability of glass here. realy doesnt matter to me which of them hits better cause i know that both of them hit like beasts (smoked out of a molino mini bong and plenty of steamrollers)
  2. id go with the steamroller
  3. steam rollers are dope!
    i wanted to order from there too but im still a lil uneasy.. is EDIT legit? like shipping to US..
  4. i have the molino mini and i can vouch for it. it's an awesome piece for the price. go with the molino mini.

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