moler tooth pulled

Discussion in 'General' started by Yung Bizzy, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. my cousin got his moler tooth pulled and just got to my house and wants to know if he can smoke, the doctor even said not too but just wanted your guys opinions.
  2. Think it runs a risk of dry socket.

    Dunno if that's just with wisdom teeth though.
  3. Dont. Who wants tar and carcinogens touching an open wound? I cut my finger with a paper clip I was scraping my piece with and my finger swelled up for two days.
  4. Don't listen to that stupid dentist! He only went to study the human mouth for 5+ years!
  5. Is it worth risking a serious infection?

    Dealing with an infection like that sucks, they will pretty much have to give local anesthetic, cut the stitches, excise any obvious infected tissue, restitch and treat with antibiotics.

    It's costly, painful, and extends the healing process. That sort of infection also has the potential to spread very quickly leading to serious discomfort.

    Abstaining from smoking for a couple weeks is well worth avoiding that scenario in my opinion.
  6. If you're going to do it, use a bucket. Any suction from a bong or joint will rip the scab out.
  7. Yeah, he shouldn't smoke at all. If for some reason he does decide to smoke.. He should put gauze over his extraction site. Tis' what I did when I got my wisdom teeth extracted.
  8. How would I put gauze over it? Would plastic wrap work? :(
  9. lol. my friend got 2 dry sockets in his wisdoms. said it was more painful than any otrher mouth related pain hes ever felt. like a tooth ache x 10 or something.

    lol dumbass was taking bong rips 5 hours out of the surgery.

    after you get a dry socket they pack the hole with gauze. basically they shove gauze in to the wound as hard as they can. the gauze is usually treated with something to help numb and disinfect the area but it still hurts like shit from what i hear.

    lol my boy had it done and looked like he wanted to cry when he came to my house afterwards..

    protip: smoke through the nose. it stings but you gotta keep it gangster.
  10. Take a strip of gauze, cut it and it fold it into a double/triple/quadrupole lapped square (doesn't really matter how many times you fold it.. just don't make it too thin). Place it over the extraction site and bite down on it... keep biting down on it as long as your smoking.

    It's not guaranteed to stop dry socket.. But it worked for me.

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