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  1. I noticed some spider webby looking crap on the low part of the top main bud. I let it alone for a couple days and today I decided I'd rather snip off the webbed buds. Pretty sure like 99% sure it's mold. I'm sure the nats inhabiting my soil -.- don't make web. Any idea if I can save the webbed buds I trimmed? [​IMG] I cut under this top bud there and got this[​IMG]

    I'm aware I'm supposed to be using a fan. I can only get ahold of it occasionally -.-

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    Have you checked it thoroughly for spider mites? i'm not a pro by any means and i haven't had a bud mold on mine yet but that looks like it could spider mite webs to me.
  3. I'm going to go ahead and say that is the start of mould, soon it will look like this ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456248145.051020.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456248209.162897.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1456248259.015820.jpg
    I would cut away any that looks bad, it travels up the stems as well so make sure you get all of it,
    Make sure to wash your hands as well after and maybe change your shirt as the spores are microscopic and travel easily
  4. Man, that looks gnarly! I hope i never have to deal with this stuff.
  5. GEEZ yeah I cut away the bad buds and honestly. This is my first grow so I'm experimenting here. I cut off a majority of any leaves and mostly moldy flowers. Threw them in a strainer and rustled them up under cold water. One bud I separated because it looked a bit worse than the others. But I have them hanging in my air conditioning vents by tooth floss lol. I opened up half the buds to see if that would stop molding up after a couple days

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  6. Desperate to an extent seeing as there's only low grade Reggie around here as if everyone is growing like me -.- but I'm trying to save $$$ to get out of this ghetto lol so ANY chance of saving the already spored up buds lets me know please! Idc if potentcy gets lowered or if taste is bad. Product of my own is a delicacy to me haha

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  7. You can really hurt your lung by breathing concentrated mold spores (smoking moldy bud) bet is to use a solvent method and make an extraction.

    210 watt perpetual box
  8. Mould is the downfall of any outdoor grower, but Na I wouldn't even fuck with that stuff, I'd go without tbh
  9. I wouldn't attempt to save anything mouldy. I cut it all out and chuck it in for the worms. Keep that air moving
  10. If you've got mold, you've absolutely GOT to get more airflow into that area to stop it...and cut the humidity down some. That's where mold comes from. Don't know if I'd be trying to save it or not...depends on the kind of mold you're dealing with. If it's light surface mold, you can wipe it off and it won't penetrate the entire bud. But if it's the kind that does, don't try to save it to smoke. It'll make you sick. But you've got to have airflow inside your flowering area at all times...above and beyond anything you're using to pull heat away from the space. TWW
  11. Thanks! It's only light surface mold as it was pretty much just starting. I could run a toothpick across it and the mold latches on. I'm not gonna smoke it then tho I don't wanna get messed up lol

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