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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by brodog, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. So i picked up a half about a month ago and I had it stored in two pill bottles and a small glass jar. the stuff in the jar developed a wierd smell too it, so I got worried it might be molding. I put it in a bag n case it was the glass causing the smell, and the smell hasn't gone away but it also hasn't gotten any worse over the course of a week. There are no visible signs of mold, I looked over all of it closely and found nothing so pictures won't help. the smell is not pleasant, but its not overwhelmingly bad. It just smells off from the rest. What do you guys think, safe to smoke?
  2. Did the glass jar previously contain food?
  3. I think it did at first but I would have washed it out and I've been using it as my stash jar for a year and have never had a probelm before
  4. ^this, once i put my shit in a tomato sauce jar and it reeked like tomatoes after.
  5. ^^^New tomato strain...profit? ha

  6. it is isnt like the smell of mold (ammonia or whatever) it was probably the food that was in it before, i washed the fuck outta mine before i used it and it still made it smell.
  7. Plastic can absorb odors over time so perhaps the glass jar bud stayed smelling like weed and the pill bottle bud lost a bit of smell. If you break up some pill bottle weed does it smell like the glass jar weed. I think you are likely fine either way, just trying to help.

  8. No the plastic bag weed smells more like it did when I first got it. and the glass jar smells less like it
  9. What does the "weird smell" smell like?

  10. It's hard to describe, its mostly that it smells alot less strongly. But the closest thing I can think of would be kind of like a light hay smell
  11. I think you are fine. Is it possible the glass jar was not air tight and things got a bit aired out? I have been told that under a black light mold will be distinctively green. Smoke up:smoke:

  12. Time to "make" blueberry kush...profit? ;):smoking:

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