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  1. Hello iv taken delivery of my usall big amount off weed, but this time it was rather wet so I spread it out in loft over a hot day and each 9oz has lost 1.2oz each, so I paid the dryer amount to grower, and bagged it up, unfortunatly it was obiously still to wet as 2 days later it has got white fuzz on the thicker pieces, brushed it off and moved it all to one big container losend it all up and sealedit shut.

    Is there a way of killing the mold? I usualy receve it bit dryer and bag it up and it all leves me within a weekend but this time iv receved more and it was wetter, what do I do?

    And no I cant send it back or bin it!
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    how do I kill it/ stop it? Help please, I cant aford to loose 100+ oz
  3. Find a grower that knows how to dry and cure his weed. Most self respecting growers wouldn't be caught dead letting go weed in the condition you've described.
  4. true and its the first time he has rushed the drying and Iv ended up with it now, due to amount need to stop the fuzz, I usaly only get 10-20 oz, but took larger amount this time. Its usaly dryer when I get it.

    Help me please, can I spray it with anything, its only on surface and easily comes off, not iside and seems to only form on the wetest bits.
  5. Spent 4 hours drying it in the oven tedious job but thoght best to completly dry, then vacume packed it all and stored in fridge, and no sighns of mold and the nice corect smell has returned, Warned people it had bit off white fuzz from being damp and everyone said its same as usually is and no diference in taste or high so all good I hope.

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