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  1. does this look like wpm or mold to you guys?

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  2. Mold I'm afraid...
  3. Yep I just had the same problem 2oz I forgot I'm mad as fuck still

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  4. i just lost another batch to mold today... everything was fine yesterday and now the whole thing is covered... wtf
  5. My experience with mold is that the bud was not dried enough before being stored, ie to damp when stored..
  6. yea, i think i did that exactly. i let the next round get crispy dry before jarring it up.

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  7. Yes, as i say this is what had happened to me in the past, putting it in storage jars too damp, now i like to hang the plant for at least 5 days, and jar at touch dry stage, then cure with a daily open of the jar for a good half an hour..I learn it the hard way in the's all a learning curve good luck.
  8. thanks good luck to you as well.

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  9. you can see some results of my last run in my post in the stash jar what you smoking, I put up some pictures of my last run UK Cheese.. I grew and had in jars from late July..over all 3 and half ounce..
  10. I really feel for you guys that lost smoke to mold :(

    I'm not terribly experienced or anything but I think the problem lies with some of the advice from other growers regarding the curing process.

    I saw it repeated over and over again that you shouldn't let your buds get too dry before curing as there was no such thing as adding more moisture. It would ruin the cure. This led me to jarring like 4oz of barely dry buds on my first attempt but thankfully caught it the next day when I went to burp it and it was totally wet.

    I took everything out of the jars and let it "over dry" (or so I thought.. to my horror) to the point of almost crumbling and then put the bud back into the jars. Over the next few days some of the moisture came back, around 60% humidity or so, from the stems and it cured amazingly. No problems with mold at all.

    Since then, I let my buds get super dry before jarring and it's worked beautifully. A friend of mine thats a new grower lost a batch too based on the same line of thinking that almost cost me my first batch.

    I highly recommend any grower invest in a mini hygrometer to keep in at least one of the jars for a cure so you can see how things are going. If the humidity gets above 65-ish% then keep the lids off for 10 minutes each day until it falls closer to the 62%

    Good luck OP!
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