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  1. Hey all,

    I am doing purely a outside grow in a dark stagnant small building and getting high humidity 75-80% for the 4-5 days and am starting to get mold and plucking it off in small spots but have no access to power for a fan. The small stems don't snap quite yet but abit bendy yet. My only option is to cut all the buds off the stalk and put into jar and get to my place spread out bud and use a fan, am I able to save most of the bus or is it too late. Any insight or pointers would be helpful.
  2. It will be present the rest of the cure/dry. Remain vigilant and you might be able to save some. Absolutely do not keep any bud you think may have remnants left, it can literally kill you.
  3. Picking it off is only spreading it, you really don't want to be touching it, it will spread. You need to get some Geeen Cure. If you don't fix the problem you could lose your entire harvest, just because you pick it off and start drying doesn't mean the molds gone, it will turn into bud rot. Lower humidity or get Green Cure.
  4. If there were a few small spots with mold is the rest of the buds still ok if it looks like normal sparkly bud or is it contaminated now? If I bring my humidity back down to 50-60 will I be alright and save majority of the buds? It was just a few small pieces I took off the rest looks like normal.
  5. I'd check daily, bringing the humidity down will help, as long at you catch it early you should be fine. If you don't see any more white spots or browning.
  6. Alright thanks I will keep an eye daily. I have placed them in a different spot and humidity already from 80 to 69%, hopefully I catch it.
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