Mold or trichomes?!?

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  1. Hey guys! imma noob here and to cultivating! i found a bud in my recently harvest stash that was drying that looked kinda nasty inside and dark brown


    I kinda geeked out and thought it was brown mold so i tossed it! It wasn't a large amount just the bottom part of the bud.

    When inspecting the other buds tho I found this and idk if my second guessing has turned into paranoia but is this mold or just super trichomey?!
    IMG_2249.PNG IMG_2250.PNG

    Imma huge noob and from what I've googled I say it's trichomes but I keep thinking I screwed sth up and it's all moldy especially after finding that mast brown sh!t so any feed back is appreciated!!
  2. Send it to me so I can check it out a bit better... the second pics you posted look fine... the first I see the brown spot you are talking about and idk... was it possibly bud rot or something? I can't see it well because there's also a bunch of brown haors so I really don't know. Other buds look perfectly fine to me though.

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  3. first pic there was mold grey . the second looks good to me . just looks like it was broke apart a wile back . you need to scope it out with a 30 x to be sure
  4. It looks broke apart because I was paranoid they all had mold on the inside lol so I kinda spread it open a tad just to check it
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  6. The only one that looks moldy is the first nug. The other two look okay to me!

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