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  1. I believe that the seed had a bit of white mold growing on it while germinating and it now looks white and fuzzy under the soil. It is about 4 inches tall now (only has its two baby leaves), but I believe there is white mold spreading down by the root. The baby seems healthy so far, but I assume this will continue to spread. What can I do to stop/prevent it from harming the plant. If this plant is not going to make it, how soon is too soon to clone?
  2. Well, if your sure it's mold and not some fuzzy white root growth... You could spray a bit of bacilus substilis(serenage garden spray) or any other product for that matter.. it's a bacteria that fights mold. Can you physically scrap it off? If you can, do it.. get it all off of there.. and then spray.. if it's white and powdery it's probly some powdery mildew growing on the stem of yer little girl(hopefully). Powdery mildew won't cause the plant to wilt or anything.. I think it should be fine.. But cloning off of that little baby is kinda out of the question for about 2-3 weeks..
  3. Thanks for your response. I was wondering if maybe I could use Hydrogen Peroxide. I heard that was good for mold. I can't say that it is 100% mold, but it looks like white, fuzzy, cotton like stuff. I saw a tiny bit on the seed when it first popped and today (2 days later) I decided to take a little peek under the soil to see how it was doing and ALL I saw was white fuzzy stuff. None of it is visible on the 4 or so inches that has grown above the soil.
  4. I wouldn't put hydrogen peroxide directly on the plant or it's soil.. I don't think that would go over well.. I wouln't worry about it.. As the long as the seedling is doing good yer fine..

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