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  1. i just flushed my ladies and im about 2 weeks from harvest. ive heard after flushing u should feed with molasses, how nwccessary is this? what are the benefits? and how much and often do i feed?

    organic mg soil cfl
  2. you can actually use molasses throughout flowering as well. It gives the plants sugars (and carbs) that increase taste and some claim increase yields (they used it throughout the entire plant's life, not just at flush). You can dose at 1tsp/gal... If you dont give your plants any kind of carbs or sugars during flowering now, try it on the next harvest and see the difference for yourself:smoke:

  3. thanks, ur always good for some helpful info, is that for every watering all the way up to harvest?
  4. it's universally suggested 1 tsp per gallon very 7-14 days (usually every other feeding and closer to 2 weeks)

    If you get to much you will crystallize your soil.

    make sure you ph your solution.
  5. I have heard from people that you should use the molasses during flowering and not with your nutes. So if you alternate nutes with straight water every other feeding, add the molasses to the straight water and not the nute's.
  6. Molasses??? That's sweet!
  7. what kind of molasses? ive heard something like non sulfurized or something
  8. Yes and all natural it feeds the micro life in organic soil and provides sugars beneficial for growth.

  9. Unsulfered. Preferably Blackstrap Molasses. Best you can get. You can get it at your grocery store.

  10. The grow supply stores here carry it in 5gal. jugs, real cheap:smoke:
  11. molasses has potash rating as well 0-0-2 if your usein hydro nutes I wouldn't bother with it.I use organic teas to fertilize and use molasses in everybatch.and it works

  12. Wow. I have never seen it in 5 gal jugs here. Not saying it's not but I haven't seen any. I use Brer Blackstrap Molasses and I have only seen it in jars.

  13. LOL thats what I thought... 5 gallon jugs, lucky guy:smoke:

  14. Yeah for sure. Man. 5 gal jug would be the way to go. Depending on how big your grow is, you wouldn't need to get molasses for a while.
  15. just got my "grandmas gold standard all natural unsulphured original molasses" thanks for the help guys. this works right? they didnt have any blackstrap

  16. green label ?

  17. no it has a yellow/gold label

  18. maybe mine is yellow also lolol
    i cant remember
    but grandmas is good chit mayn
    use it and watch em get fatttttt

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