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  1. Yo people. Was wondering if anyone uses or has any thoughts on using molasses, when to use, stop etc.....
  2. Have to use unsulfured mollases. I used it in my waterings where I wasn't adding nutes.
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  3. I used it 1x after cure bud smelled amazing really frosty buds as well.
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  4. I use it last couple weeks before harvest mixed with my normal feed and pk booster. After I tried it a few grows back, I was impressed and will always use it. I use unsulfured blackstrap molasses. And, its cheap.

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  5. Throw it away! My read it causes pm. And according to nectars boss it's kills ur yields

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  6. Molasses is used after the plant has stretched the first 3 - 4 weeks into flowering. Im growing NL5 x Haze (12week flower period), and I add about a teaspoon every week until week 10. One day I feed them & let them use that up in about 3 days, then I add calmag and unsulfered molasses. I'll give them between a half gallon - 1 gallon, depends on their needs. Increase a little as needed as the plant gets bigger. Expect bigger buds, especially if also filling the room with H202!

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