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  1. I got about 3 weeks until harvest. I think. Someone said if you give your plant some molasses in last waterings it helps to thicken them up. any truth???
  2. I never heard that. I have heard the sugars help with the flushing at the end.i forget exactly how but by acting some what like soap, rge sugar molecules attach to the unused nurtrient molecules and pulled them out of the soil. Must store bought flushing agents are made with sugars, or so at least I have read. I do not know this as fact.

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  3. Molasses un sulfered feeds microbes
  4. thats what i heard. I heard by doing that it helps intake some nutes that'll boost last minute trichome production. The potassium in the molasses also helps boost the trichomes. I'm going to try it. I read it can't hurt.
  5. It feeds the microbes to allow for easy nute uptake by roots

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