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Molasses in Veg/flower?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by selfmedication, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. That was not my question though, I have known that. Yes it fattens, up your buds and cane sugar is the key ingredient in all the aroma and taste enhancer products. My question was a while back, why not use it for all stages of growth? Why limit it to the last few weeks of flower when it has all those benfecial micro and macro nutes to go along with it. A npk of 1/0/4 if your getting the right kind, unsulphered blackstrap molasses. I guess the answer to my question was, yes I can use it in all stages but mainly in my AACT:devious: It's food for all the microbes, without it, the populations die off, and it becomes less beneficial.
  2. exact reason why i googled this. -why not during all stages? technically the sugars and nutes are for the microbes, not the plant. just dont drown them in sticky brown goo snd you'll be fine.
  3. I am growing 6 blue rhino and 7 ak 47 right now. I gave it to them on their very first major feed. Since then I have been doing smaller feeds. The plants seem to enjoy it better. They just turned 3 weeks and I am doing another major feed on the fourth week with more of "grandmas unsulphured molasses". I will feed it ph water and molasses 2 more times before flower (oct 1st) Starting then I will be feeding them nutes, molasses, and hydrogen peroxide(3% distilled food edible hydrogen peroxide) all the way until 10 days before harvest in which case I will switch back to molasses and ph water. I am using ffof(which actually has the same ingredients in molasses to help the microbacteria in the soil, so I think the reason most don't use it till flower is because most proper growers use a soil medium that already enhances during veg with the same effects. But thats just total speculation, I could be talking out of my ass.)
  4. I'd like a definitive answer to the question, also. I plan to start using molasses in my grows.
  5. i have a few bubbleponics systems going (first grow) would this work in this situation or help in anyway? never heard of it before?
  6. It may act as an aid to the breakdown of Nitrogen in the soil increasing up take in the roots due to the effect it has on soil microbes....but whatever i'm trying it on my grow at the moment.

    1. Control plant (No feeding at all)
    2. Plant 2 (Feed from Germination normal 10ml per 4 litres)
    3. Plant 3 (Feed only at Flowering period dose as above)
    4. Plant 4 (Feed only at vegetation period dose as above)
    5. Plant 5 (Super feed germination to flowering 40ml per 4 litres)

    They are all Northern Lights from a good seed distributor...i'm going to measure biomass (whole plant production) Root weight, and Bud weight then run stats see whats up.
  7. Great! I'm anxious to see your results.
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    The reason has to do with the microbes in the soil. Microbes consume the nitrogen, the most important nutrient for veg. growth, and in the process they convert it to a form that the plants roots can uptake. Without this conversion the plants cannot consume the nitrogen in the soil. So, when you introduce a different source of food for the microbes, the sugars in the molasses, they go for the sugars and stop processing the nitrogen in the soil. This leads to nitrogen deficiency in the plant.

    Now, molasses DOES have a lot of other useful aspects and I am using it throughout veg. and flowering. But, I add more nutes (nitrogen only) when I feed with molasses. So far this seems to be working, basically I am giving the microbes a larger food source and I haven't seen any issues with nute def. But, definitely use less molasses than you would in flowering, because in flowering the plants stop up taking nitrogen from the soil and start pulling it from their leaves.

    edit: I use a fish based liquid fert. which is mainly straight nitrogen and is in a form that the plants roots can consume without being broken down by the microbes.
  9. Bud, what brand exactly of fish emulsion do you use? Thanks.
  10. Molasses doesn't seem to do anything until terpinoids start to develop and thats when its most effective. Using too much causes that bad taste. I don't go over teaspoon per gallon and I give it between feedings during the last half of flowering.

  11. I use Lilly Miller Alaska Fish Fertilizer, it's a 5-1-1.

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