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Molasses in Veg/flower?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by selfmedication, Nov 21, 2008.

  1. I've heard about using blackstrap unsulphered molasses the last 3 weeks of flowering to increase potency and taste and to stop using ferts until harvest. So I've been doing a little research and I find molasses is a great source of calcium and iron. Not only that but a good source of potassium, magnesium, copper, and manganese. So my question is why just use it the last 3weeks of flowering and not the whole flowering period.. Or even veg and flowering,
    Along with regular nutes the whole grow just dont use as much molasses, until late flowering?
    I dont know someone help me out here, maybe im missing something..
  2. Good question.
    I've been recently experimenting with blackstrap molasseses in the last stages of my ops.
    It's worked phenomenal wonders, but I too am curious why everyone believes its use should be restricted to flowering cycles?
  3. good question and am interested for an insightfull answer... not that i can give it... however if it is not used all the way through.. there must be a reason.... right?
  4. Not necessarily. with stuff like this (growing), there are TONS of urban legends, myths, and flat out lies that are perpetuated by people who believe everything they read, and pass along this "information" to others as if it were actual truth. So it could be possible that using it throughout the entire grow is better, but just because nobody has tried it and everyone just takes everyone else's word for it, nobody knows yet. Once somebody actually takes the time to experiment correctly and others start to catch on, the myths will become less prevalent. There would still be plenty of people who refuse to think that there are methods better than the ones they use, and who would continue to tell people it's a bad idea, but it would be much less common.

    That being said, I'd ask a botanist :p or someone else who understands exactly what happens inside our plants
  5. yea insightfull... but thats why i put the right?? at the end.... because ... well you pretty much summed it up!
  6. i used it on my first grow...during the the entire flowering cycle...and every watering.......no bad effects.........
  7. Ive been using it since week 2 of my grow so ill let you know how that goes but ive been told by many it is entirely up to you ( the grower ) as to when but everyone seems to agree that not more than 2 tsp per gallon H2O ive been using 1/4 of that since day 14 and have just changed over on day 21 tomorrow to 1/2 that or 1tsp per gallon...eventually ill work up to the full dose and as for stopping using it before harvest ....i will not stop as it only enhances flavor so many i know use it during the last weeks as well.....so once again there is no scientific method to this try what works best for you then change it up a bit if you want more or less of the change you see....good luck
  8. cool what type do i need... is it unsulphered or something?
  9. haha...i just open the container and started pouring into my water.....never overdoesed them on it......mind you they were big plants and planted in rubbermaid totes....
  10. 100% natural or blackstrap mollasses.......either must be un-sulphured.
  11. awesome... with every feeding?? ferts and unferts? or do one feeding molasses.. one feeding nutes.. or discressionary... also can you buy this from a local shop!
  12. local supermarket should have it...and i mixed my nutes and put it in too...but you could do it separetely......key is to work up slowly.......or use one plant as a ginea pig(if you can spare one....) then increase the doses on the one....
  13. I just read that using molasses can give a "biscuit" taste?
    Not sure if thats a bad thing lol but theirs only one way to find out..
    On my next grow I will have 3 experiment plants..
    Plant #1 I will feed molasses the whole grow (small doses, then increase every other watering) Plant #2 I will start feeding when 12/12 photoperiod starts. (introduce in small increments gradually increasing every other watering) Plant #3 Feed the last 3weeks of flowering 1tbs at first feeding and increase up to 2tbs til harvest.
    And compare the different characteristics of the three.:hello::smoke:
  14. And of course the 3 plants would all be the same true bred strains so they would practically be identical
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    now your thinking.... you can be a scientist..

    i'll mail you a beeaker and a lab coat..
  16. Keep us updated :wave:
  17. what exactly does molasses do? like, chemically/physically, what does it do to the plants? If we knew that, we'd be a bit closer to understanding why to dose when, and when not to.
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    there are plenty of threads in GC about the use of mollases and I have yet to find one that has been negative. I have used mollases, and I used it on my last bagseed grow from begining to end and they were the sweetest smelling buds I had ever grown. I had 10 clones and took five to experiment with. the five without the use of mollases were just plain regs, no real sweet smell or taste to them. The other 5 had twice as big buds super heavey buds and the sweetest smell I have ever smelled on bagseed weed. I had no problems what so ever. I have posted several times and given the same results. I mixed it with my nutes and added (as prescribed by many GC members) 2 tablespoons per gallon of water. Just do a search on GrassCity and you will get many results!

    look up this thread (Using Molasses as a nutrient) in the search by leapfrog. it should answers most of your questions. Hope that this helps!
  19. Enter Molasses as a nutrient in you search engine and you will find it has lots of minerals micro nutes etc etc etc ........good luck
  20. molasses is a natrual sugar which during flowering is absorbed and converted in to carbohydrates ... thats why 90% of final stage bud enlageners like" carboload" are molasses yea expensive molasses look it up

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