Molasses help.

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  1. Im a firm believer in using organic molasses during flower,. I use about 4 or 5 ounces every feeding, which is 2x a week with plain well water in between. Is there something better out there?

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  2. Ive done this awhile, but i never have known what it does, i just used it because the old cat that ,showed me what was up, said ALWAYS USE MOLASSOS DURING FLOWER! ......So was he right? Wrong? Or close?

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  3. I don't believe it hurts in small amounts and used it myself for a year or two way back when but I do not use it any more. I've no doubt it adds a small amount of elements back into the soil and also probably helps feed soil microbes like many folks believe, but after using it and not using it I haven't seen a difference one way or another. I make my own soils from scratch, mostly from items off of my property with a few basic soil amendments added but prefer these days to feed soil life with different inputs like kelp, loads of comfrey, neem cake. I just don't believe any more that it's a magic elixir like so many others do. I don't mix much of anything into the well water I also use to keep soil moist but instead just make sure everything needed is already in the soil to begin with.

    Different strokes and all that though. There's a thousand ways to skin the cat we call gardening.

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  4. Thanks for your input. I have never tried molasses and wanted me. I also make up soil on site, using compost, worm castings, perlite. I will give the molasses a miss.
  5. It definitely doesn't hurt anything but in my opinion & after using it for a long time I just don't notice a difference not using it. It certainly isn't a magic bloom booster or even a veg assistant that some folks believe it to be.

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  6. Good deal

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  7. Hmm good to see that it was debunked. I will probabably keeo mixing it in my teas either way to help out the Microbes. On what Jerry was saying about it being a bloom booster. I heard some say that it increases the amount of trichs on the buds making it look better??
  8. Yes it is good because it ishigh in potassium which is good for flower. The sugars also help feed the micro life in your soil. When lights are off the cannabis plants secrete sugars out it's roots to feed these micro life which then in turn help make the nutrient in the soil available to the plant. You want unsulfered molasses and blackstrap molasses.

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  9. I've heard that the sugar molecule is too large for the plant to take up directly and "suffocates" the micro life if poured directly into the dirt.
    Now I've heard from the same source (the bearded fellow from nectar for the gods) that molasses in a tea is ok because it will feed the micro life but only to keep them alive longer. The reasoning was the sugar and the micro life in the water can interact but the sugar directly in the soil will "suffocate " the micro life. I'm not a chemist this is just what I heard.

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  10. What about adding honey? I've been looking through some grow journals that add molasses during veg and in flower they start adding honey as well. Also, I heard that molasses can be used as an organic way to lower ph.
  11. Yeah, Ive always heard the same & don't get that. In my opinion somebody said it and now everyone says it. Sulfur is a key component and building block in plant terpenes; i.e: aromas, flavors. I'd personally use plain molasses and not unsulfured if I was to ever use it again.

    But I probably won't.

    Again - different strokes and all that.


    Without Brimstone, Your Cannabis Plants are Going to Hell | The Marijuana Times
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  12. Nice discussion and interesting viewpoints. I think that like everything with growing, you have to try it for yourself. There is lot of science mixed up with some myths and only experience and close observation informs us what is best for each situation. There is no end to improving a grow.
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  13. Make sure to read your bloom if you're using one and see if it already has molasses in it. If it does, do not add too much.

    I bet to someone like Jerry who has very complete "supersoil", it is of very little to no benefit, but to others who need what it offers, it can help.
  14. I start using mollases this grow and I was using bud candy / carboload. I noticed that I still dont need to use cal mag ,and I had regulary cal mag issues... So mollases saved me money for 2 nutrients.. calmag and bud candy. I add 20ml on 12l of water..every other watering..
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  15. I blend it good, no lumps, just light brown water

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