Molassas? Help me out please

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by stonehenge919, Sep 3, 2007.

  1. I read in the forums that using molasses as fertilizer will increase bud density and increase THC level and yield. Whats up with this please give me some intel about this.
  2. i have been reading alot about it as well. i am on my first grow right now and i plan to use it . what i have gathered is tha you want to start adding it about 3 weeks out from harvest. it wont increase thc levels bit it will make your buds swell. it also give it a better flavor. i have never smoked but grown with it but it seems like it would work
  3. True: you can put Sugar (mollasses) as an additive at the 2-3 week of the ending flowering time. This will give them juice to fill up all those buds and make them even more sticky. And yes the taste is good to. But make sure not to over do it. You could shock the plant so ease it for the couple first waterings.
  4. isnt it true that increasing the amount of sugars in the bud along with increased moisture, will also increase the possibility of mold growing?
  5. yes mold is a factor but that is true about anything you do with you plant. it can mold but if you are careful and you do it right you wont have any mold prblems. but i would still ease the plant into it. give them 1 table spoon 4 weeks out from harvest at each water. i have read alot that this will work
  6. How do i feed the plant molasses? do i mix it with water and when do i do this? im 3 weeks into flower what do i do
  7. yes just mix it into water easy as that. and i would start with one table spoon at week 6 and just up it one at each water. it doesnt harm your plant at all you can really give it as much as you want but i would start with small amouts and get the plant used to it still
  8. Yeah i am looking forward to doing this...Thanks for the advice, and as for the potency, taste, smell, and density......Does these factors get effected negavtively in any way or is it all positive outcome?
  9. well thats why you add it in is for all those. i have heard it makes it taste better more sweat. it will help your bugs gain weight. so it helps those. i am not sure about smell thought.
  10. Yes your plantes can intake too much sugar and block out nutrients. What you need to do is ease them into it about 4-5 weeks into flowering (when you see the buds form is day 1) and give them a tablespoon per/ 1 gallon of water. DO NOT JUST UP THE DOSE EVERY WATERING.... See how your plant reacts to this. Different strains have different reactions.
  11. should i use molasses or miracle grow bloom booster 15-30-15.. on the box it says fert burn free
  12. you dont want to use it as a fert. you still need ferts. you just start putting it in in the ast few weeks of flowering wth your ferts.
  13. so i should watrer it with the 1Table spoon of molasses per gallon of water and give it bloom booster as well? do i give it both at the same time or alternate?
  14. yes give them both at the same time.

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