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molasis used instead of boost in hydro?

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by hydro_arnie, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Has anybody used molasis in hydro? I've used canna Boost alongside pk13/14 for a couple of grows now. Very pleased with the results. I'm thinking tho that the nute business is a multi million $ industry and isn't boost basically molasis anyways.

    Anyone know what doesage i should be using with "blackstrap" molasis etc? Any feedback welcome.
  2. I know in the case of the Advanced Nutrients' "Sweet Leaf", it's a light brown molasses plus a lot of other things. The container only says 2% molasses.

    I have heard people advise against molasses unless you really know what you are doing, most growers recommend using it in nute form. The reason for this is that it can premote bacterial growth if left unchecked and it can cause "sludge" in your plumbing and pumps.

    The amount I have heard is 2 tablespoons per gallon. If you have trouble getting it to dissolve, try it in some hot water.
  3. many thanks for the info bro... I've got a re-gen singled out to do a bit of experimentation on. been google'in the subject all day. Seems to work very well in soil grows.. Just unsure with my hydro setup.

    I wounder if anybody has managed to make a home made solution to this? there must be some trade secrets out there...........
  4. Actually I know the answer to this one. Molasses in hydro is bad, m'kay?

    True, a bunch of hydroponics companies have products that have, as base ingredients, molasses and other sources of sugars but that's like saying a cake has flour in it. Can you open the cake and pick out the flour? Nope, because it's an ingredient that was altered in order to make the product. Sweet Leaf has molasses and honey and stuff like that in it, but so does a lot of tasty treats we eat that you can't get either one of those things back out of.

    Point being that if you put something like molasses right into a reservoir full of other nutrients (or even just plain water) you end up creating heaven for an insane amount of nasty microbes. Next thing you know you have a reservoir full of horrible, evil sludge and a lot of dead or dying plants. Seriously, it's like a bad horror flick.

    And some of that stuff is so nasty that once you've had it you never seem to get rid of it. Spores get all over the house and you just end up constantly fighting that mold or slime every single grow. Best to just never let it in the house.

    It's like that coffee mold you get if you leave a pot out too long. First time it can take a week or more to start molding. After that it doesn't matter if you clean the pot or buy a whole new machine. You'll get mold within days because the spores are just out there waiting for new growing medium.

    Just say no to molasses in hydroponics.
  5. Yes I can confirm what mr basement is saying. However some very advanced soil growers use blackstrap molasses in the teas they make for their plants... aka Mr Postman, miss that guy.
  6. ive been using "grandma's molasses"...does this work too or is it pointless?
  7. Grandma's molasses is fine as well but blackstrap is preferred, but not always availble.. you can also chekc at wally world if you have one around usually have blackstrap there.
  8. Yup yup, molasses is good in soil, but it has to be specially prepared to use in hydroponics or you just end up with bad things growing. I'm not sure exactly what the big boys do to it to make it safe, but they do something.

    It's not just a bottle of molasses like some people would like you to think.
  9. many thanks guys. i stay away from the molasis me thinks. peace.
  10. well, ive been putting it in my hydro bucket now for about a week.... i put in about a tsp and 1/2 for about 2 gallons of water. and now the buds are swelling up and ive had to tie the colas up because they are being weighed down by the buds.

    only wierd thing was one day i had a bunch of bubbles/foam where the water dispurses out, but it was just that one day
  11. Blackstrap
    nutrient amount

    calcium 117.53 mg
    copper 0.28 mg
    iron 2.39 mg
    magnesium 29.38 mg
    manganese 0.36 mg
    phosphorus 5.47 mg
    potassium 340.57 mg
    selenium 2.43 mcg
    sodium 7.52 mg
    zinc 0.14 mg

    All good stuff for plants.
  12. You can get lucky sometimes and not get massive problems running molasses in a hydroponic system, but more often than not you get a massive growth of crud in the reservoir.

    Take my word for it, don't let one time getting lucky give you too much confidence.
  13. Old thread but I'll revive it.

    I use it always the last week of flowering in my hydro. 30 gallon rez. I boil water, let it sit a few minutes, dump in 90 ml of molasses and let it simmer until it cools, then dump it in my rez. I do not get sludge, a little bit of snot but I never keep it in my rez for more than a week. It really swells the buds.
  14. Interesting. I might experiment with that myself to see how well it resists the normal problems of molasses in hydroponics.

    Still, I think I'm going to stick with my regular stuff. Well actually I guess I'll have to use Bud Candy now that Sweet Leaf has been upgraded and renamed.
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    know this is a old thread .... if u boil 3-5 tspoon of molasses and stir tons it works wonders and does fine in all systems of hydro. i prefer the grandmas black strap i pour threw a pantyhose to make sure i get pure liquids . if u boil and stir u should have no problems . i add 3 tspoons boiled to 5 gallons of water every res change bout 10-14days in aero and DWC
  16. i use it in soil and coco with good results..as stated above..in hydro..it can reak havok.....i would stay away and use a hydro bloom booster..worth the extra bucks for the peace of mind..imo..peace deacon:smoke:

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