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  1. Have you guys ever considered making it a rule that people cant bump old threads? Like ridiculously old threads. Like 5 or 6 years. Cause I see people doing it alot now. And when you take time to write an answer that you think is going to help someone only to realize that the OP is probably never goig to read it, its fucking annoying.

    Just wondering.
  2. I like old threads. A blast from the past can be fun.
  3. Other new people might have that same problem and be looking for the solution so i don't think thats its that big of a deal unless its old troll thread just because its old and ur not helping OP doesn't mean your not helping anyone else
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    If its a old drug thread then you're not supposed to bump it. Besides that old threads are fun.
  5. or they could take away the option of replying to threads after a certain amount of inactivity. of course they would still be searchable and linkable
  6. makes a lot of sense
  7. It IS already a rule, it's against the rules to bump old threads anyway people get infractions for bumping old thread's expesially if there other drug threads from back in the day.

  8. I honestly don't understand why bumping all threads should be a problem. If i see a thread within GC from 2001 that has an subject that interest me , i would go and post my opinion within that thread.
  9. It's NOT against the rules actually. My rule of thumb is that as long as you add something relevant to the conversation and don't just bump it for bumping's sake, then it's perfectly fine.

    BUT if you just bump it to say "bump" then I have an issue with it.

    And yeah, old threads about substances we no longer allow discussions of will be deleted on sight.
  10. Yes no point in spamming the fourm with the same thread.
    Who cares if the op wont read it. other people might, and its just as valid as it was when it was typed.

  11. Agreed , if someone doesn't have any opinion and just want to bump a thread with `bump`or just add smilie then it should be against rules, Because people are trying to read other members opinions.

  12. Yup, that would likely be considered pointless posting and someone could end up with a warning for it.

    Like folks have already said, there's nothing wrong with bumping a thread if you actually have something to offer to the subject, or if you have a question that fits within the context of the thread.

    Hell, if anything, I think most of us would rather people bump an existing thread on the topic they want to talk about rather than making a new thread for something that's already been covered. :p

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