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  1. Do you guys think it would be possible to nominate mods, and vote for them? If there was an opening or something like that, because there are some members that would make excellent mods.
  2. I could be wrong, but as far as I know, whenever the GC admins decide on electing new mods they discuss and vote on members that they think would make good mods. It's not a democracy :p
  3. haha yeah dude I figured that much, just thought it would be cool having some member feedback as well.
  4. ^^^This, I believe. It also shouldn't be a popularity contest.

    I'm sure RMJL takes into consideration suggestions made to her privately but ultimately the admins decide who becomes a mod, as it should be.
  5. It's not about it being a popularity contest. It just seems to me that members have more interaction with eachother, so they would know which person to elect or vote for. It's just a suggestion though, I'm sure they've got their process.
  6. I trust the judgement of RMJL, SJ, and the mods to do what's best for the site.

  7. Yeah, they really are the only people who "see all". Haha. Some people just are not equipped to wield any sort of superiority over anything!:p

    I've seen people go from down to earth to power trip in a matter of weeks.
  8. @OSG
    Good for you :) I trust their judgement too, again just a suggestion, thought it might be kind of fun.
  9. Yeah I've seen it happen firsthand on other forums as well. We had to de-mod someone over it on a car forum I worked on a few years back. It got ugly :(
  10. This.

    But moderators and administrators are chosen through an ancient ritual in which SJ summons titles through a sacred flame in Amsterdam, it is the Grasscity way.
  11. This.

    Modship is a popularity contest over at another forum I go to/used to frequent and it's horrible. The site is getting worse and worse. Thank god I quit being a mod. They never listened to new ideas and they are on power trips, while the admins play invisible when you need them to help sort out stuff.
  12. One thing thats really important on a site like this when it comes to modship is being trustworthy. This is a forum dedicated to something that is illegal in most places. You really wouldn't want to vote in someone that seemed cool but was actually a loose canon. Moderation comes with responsibility but in order to carry this out we have tools that normal users don't have and would become a big liability if they were abused. All the mods, being hand chosen, are good people who really do have everyone's best interest in mind.
    To protect all our members, I can safely say there will never be an open election.
  13. It's been discussed before.
    In the past from what I've heard members nominations for mods have not worked out all that well. It's been attempted.

    Besides, the people chosen to be mods were chosen by the GC admins/ mods, so expect that they made a good decision.

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