modifying an hps ballast for use with higher wattage bulb

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  1. ok, so i currently have an hps ballast that uses a 70w bulb. i also have a 150w hps bulb without a ballast for it.
    i was wondering if there is some way i can modify my 70w ballast to use a 150w bulb instead. if so, what parts need to be changed internally?
  2. Replace all the parts with parts made for a 150w ballast!

    Seriously, the ballast controls the electricity to the bulb, so you can't shortcut the wattage thresholds. You need a ballast made for a 150w bulb.
  3. sounds dangerous. you basically need to replace all of the internals, so you may as well just buy a 150w ballast, or get another 75w setup and use both
  4. Unless you are an experienced electrical engineer, I wouldn't advise that. And if you were,
    I doubt you'd be asking us!

    Yeah unless you're trying to burn your place to the ground, I'd really suggest just sprining
    for a proper ballast. They come with warranties and whatnot. If you essentially built your own
    you'd be risking so much, including a ballast failure which could jeopardize your grow.

    Be Safe!!!!

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist
  5. Dont fuck with electricity. You can get a 1000w ballast for uder $150.
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    I know cost savings are always on the mind of the grower, but really when it comes to
    buying any kind of ballast, don't go for the cheapest. They can fail, jeopardizing your
    grow op, or worse, start a fire and maybe land you in jail.

    Remember, insurance companies don't cover any accidents caused by something being
    used in the commission of a crime. Your grow gets discovered after a fire, and BANG.. you
    just lost *everything*.

    If you do want a higher-wattage ballast, spend the extra money and get an electronic
    (digital) ballast. They are far more efficient than magnetic ballasts and you WILL notice
    a difference on your electric bill.

    :bongin: ~Experimentalist

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