Modest Mouse

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  1. I am seeing them on March 15th, and I am stoked.
  2. and I, sir, am jealous

    Your gonna have a fuckin blast, there so awesome :hello:
  3. I think you mean ma'am ;)

    I can't f'ing wait, I'm so excited. I saw them open for R.E.M. last summer, and they had a secret show later that night, but I couldn't go because it was 18+ only and I wasn't 18 at the time. I'm finally getting my chance, though!
  4. thats bad ass! They're a good show.
  5. Sorreh, whose to know right :rolleyes:

    None the less, I wanna see them. Really badly. Hopefully they pass through my area at some point this summer.
  6. awww, im so jealous. issac brock is one of my absolute heros
  7. lucky u! i wanna see them so bad..
  8. one of my favorite bands

    I bet they're awesome live
  9. They do put on a mean show and come spring time it should be right around the time for newish songs/ep finally....
  10. awesome band, i'm jealous sounds like it should be a good time.
  11. i wanted to drive up to austin to see 'em on the third. it's fucking sold out :mad:

    i love modest mouse with ever fiber of my being. it's a real kick in the nutsack when shows you really fucking want to go to sell out. :(
  12. Modest Mouse is a consistently underrated band.

    I'd love to see them live, I suppose I haven't put a lot of thought about it. As much as I love live music, this past year, it's been low on the priority list. But I hope you have a good time. Sneak a joint or two in with you, it's the perfect music to listen to high.
  13. I saw this band on Letterman a few years back right around the time they were
    "making it" and I have to say I was not impressed. Maybe it was their song selection that night or maybe they were just nervous performing in front of millions for the first time, but they were nothing above average that night.

    I havn't listened to them since so I won't put them down or anything. That night though I just remember my dad and I joking and calling them "moderate mouse" because that's all they were.
  14. I know... I honestly didn't even like them that much until I started smoking because I appreciated them more after listening to the music while high, and now I'll listen to it high, sober, whenever... all the time.

    And to those who want to see them but can't get tickets... I'd suggest buying scalped tickets, but they're going for ridiculous amounts of money ...
  15. im seeing them march 9th in orlando :hello:

    i saw them last june and it was probably one of the best live shows ive ever seen, and i've been to both bonaroo and langerado
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    Im seeing them March 14th in ATL!
  17. Man I really wanted to see them when they were in ralleigh but I couldnt... your very fortunate! You should make brownies before you go
  18. Holy shit! I never like the idea of smoking at concerts because although music is even more amazing, it's not worth getting kicked out of the venue... but ingesting it beforehand is a great idea! It might seem like common sense to others but I completely overlooked it... Thank you lol!
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    I'd go with the good ol' firecrackers

    edit: oh and of course enjoi the concert, I love MM but I cant be spending what little money I do have right now on expensive concert tickets, oh well there's always my ipod
  20. Haha enjoy :) Let me know how it was! Keep it green :smoking:
    EDIT: You dont have just eat them before hand, they're brownies xD you can eat them anywhere

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