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  1. Love them. Up there for one of my favorite bands to just mellow out to and listen to; it's just got the right sound. Anyone else big on them?
  2. This thread has been made at least twice before, but just 'cause it's Modest Mouse I'll reply; I loooooove them :love:
  3. fuck yea man I love Modest Mouse

    They have just a touch of psychedelic sounds thanks to their guitarist

    you guys check out the new ep, no one is first and you are next

    its awesome, especially the whale song, back to the trippy guitars

    great fucking band
  4. I didn't appreesh it when my gf fucked the drummer. I was 16 (1997).

    I would still be pissed if they weren't such a great band.

  5. LOL that sucks.
  6. Yeah, I didn't bother searching. I fuckin love the sound, all around. Especially guitar; perfect to chill to.
  7. The lang apreesh right here

    Modest Mouse is pretty good too.
  8. woo

    theyre new albums good thankfully, whale song is epic
  9. Modest mouse has always been my favorite.
    the new ep is great.
    And i second sinister, the whale song is reallly cool.
  10. Modest Mouse is amazing, my favorite song from them right now is Summer.
  11. Appreshed !

    I listened to a lot of old stuff during the summer, but have been rocking the SHIT out of We Were Dead.. since I moved back here for school. Soo many awesome tracks..Parting of the Sensory, March Into the Sea, Fly Trapped in a Jar, Steam Engenius, Education..pretty much the entire album has caught my ears lately.
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    My favorite band. Just saw them in Columbus a couple weeks ago.
    You're Next was a good album, if short.(Especially King Rat) Certainly better than Good News at least. I was beginning to fear their best days were behind them. Now I will withhold judgment in the wake of the news that a new Ugly Casanova album is forthcoming.


  14. Love Modest Mouse...This is a Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About, The Moon & Antarctica, and The Lonesome Crowded West are amazing CDs
  15. pretty much the most amazing album is Interstate 8 : )

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