Modern Family appreciation thread

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    This show is awesome...won the Emmy's most outstanding comedy award last year and I can actually see the show repeating...luts and luts of lulz :D


    Am I alone ?
  2. Episode 2 airing tonight :D I can't wait :hello:
    (I guess im alone watching it :rolleyes:)

  3. Im a big modern family fan. I am usually pretty busy so dvr is my friend.
    Gloria is so sexy.
  4. Just watched a few episodes for the first time at a friend's. Pretty damn funny.
  5.'s just dangerous in HD :eek:
  6. that chick is maaad hot. the middle is better imo. alright show.
  7. T'was even better tonight right :cool: Damn now I can't wait for next week :p
  8. I like this show a lot, it's a poor man's arrested development.
  9. I honestly watch just to see Sofia Vergara aka "viagra". IF there was ever a woman i would marry at first sight, it's her. Al Bundy is one lucky man ;)!
  10. Last night was average, couple of good lulz though :p Mitch stole the show :cool:
  11. The funniest part to me was when the kids started lying about what Phil was doing. "I got scared because the shelf didn't fall" had me laughing so hard.
  12. When Mitch just throw the frog and break it...PRICELESS haha :D

  13. That was awesome. He found a perfect opportunity to break it and took it, haha.
  14. Exactly haha...and the response.....: really ?
  15. This week's episode was funny..again. Best comedy this TV Season IMO.
  16. Can't wait for tonight guys :rolleyes:
  17. i love this show. i missed last wednesday's so maybe i will watch it before tonight
  18. Thank god for hulu
  19. The best exchange came from Manny and Luke:

    Manny: "She's not crazy, that's my mom"
    Luke: "I'm your mom now!"
  20. Cam explaining his story was cracking me up by the end haha :p + the spider-man scene :D

    Good episode...the office tonight now ;)

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