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    What would happen if we removed all the technology humans have gained in the last 500 years from today's society?

    Would everyone freak out and start killing each other, or would there be order? I'm talking no cops, no military, nobody making sure the power stays on, nothing.

    We would learn the true meaning of human nature, and we all could see first hand how much our behavior resembles that of the animals we pass off as beasts.
  2. if we were put back 100 years, we would not be in a stone age, we would have the early cars, trains, ocean going vessels, the first planes in development, lots of decent engineering, we would still have modern weapons (bolt action rifles, vickers guns, long range artillery). all in all we wouldn't be in a stone age, would it suck yes. but people can get over not having internet porn and xbox. the worst part about it would be the medical side.
  3. we would be in the stone age very briefly, then we would do what humans do best. invent luxuries, drill for oil and kill each other. How do you think we got here in the first place we would simply rebuild and reestablish order.
  4. We would find some way to kill each other the planet and other animals, it's like..what we do, were a virus. that should be destroyed or contained in a little wooden box. like a big wooden box, big enough to fit earth in it. No scratch that, they take all the humans and put them in a big wooden box with some cheese. Maybe milk.
  5. I think people would revert to being in tribes or clans. Then after that they would try to start building cities. Eventually you lead back up to where we are. We would not start completely from scratch we already have a huge collective knowledge.
  6. I would prefer the stoned age.

    It's all about making "stone" an adjective.
  7. That's why I'm building an army of robots, just in case ya know?
  8. yeah, we would probably go back to tribes/clans/gangs.
  9. say to the tribe/ clan thing but the population is much higher. would be crazy i think.
  10. To expound upon my idea...

    I think the tribes/clans/gangs would be at war for a while. Some people will try to be peaceful while the assholes of society war with each other. Until those tribes turn into cities and nations we will probably have no real ownership rights like we do now. People will be stealing from each other just to get ahead, there would be no law until the warring gangs and tribes start to be peaceful or accumulate.

    I would probably try to collect everyone I care about and live in the forest until things cool off. Or find a small town and just take it over. Build walls and barricades around it so people wouldn't be able to fuck with our shit. I do assume the cities will still be remaining after this event happens. They would only be good for shelter though since it becomes a modern stone age. People would have to start getting into old businesses unless we can survive of of ransacking what is left of society. By old businesses I mean making shoes by hand, making candles by hand, etc. People will want their old comforts and we will find ways to make them without power.

    Entertainment would revert to plays, live music etc. So people would be more encouraged to learn instruments from those who know how to play and are left over. Plays, and musicals would be held in towns like the olden days as a form of entertainment. Who knows maybe some shadow puppetry too?

    Every advance humans have made doesn't work or is gone in this scenario right? Like do guns still work because they probably still would. Guns would become a huge commodity if your hypothetical is realistic. We would lose the power grid in what I am thinking would happen. So guns would still be around and the black market would be more powerful than ever.

    This is me just postulating so if anyone has arguments with what I am saying or wants to add to it feel free.
  11. Well without the advent of modern technology, we wouldnt be able to feed 7 billion people. So for starters a very large percentage of us would die off. After that we would probably rebuild, but I think we would be way way more conservative in our living habits.
  12. Things would go very badly without technology, we'd probably just revert to feudalism coupled with extreme religious faith in some new deity after a couple of centuries of starvation and pestilence, losing all the wondrous advances we've made during the enlightenment...

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