Moderators don't know what racism is.

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by xraygord, Jan 27, 2011.

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  1. I recently recieved an infraction from SmknVTEC. The moderator stated that I made a racist comment, when actually my comment was a political one.

    Why am I being censored?
  2. Please message RMJL if you have an issue regarding a moderator action. It only causes drama if you post about it on the open forums.
  3. your probably better off PM'ing reformmaryjanelaws laws and telling her instead of making the thread..

    she's super fair about overturning infractions that may have been given by mistake.

    edit: yeah what he said :D

  4. I already did that. Still waiting.

  5. Are you refering to this?
    Im not really sure that could be construed as a political statement

  6. Who am I racist against? If I said 'Fuck America and the capiltist pigs.' Would that be racist?

    I have nothing against Jews. There are many Jews who feel the same way I do.

    If Israel ends the occupation and returns to the 1967 borders, I will start to praise Israel.
  7. How is America + Capitalism related to Israel + Zionism?

  8. Its because of Zionism that the Palestinian people are suffering. Its because of that ideaology that the settlers keep on erecting buildings and taking over Palestinian land.

    Zionism hurts people, just like capitalism does.
    Definition of RACISM
    : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race
    : racial prejudice or discrimination

    I'm surprised that you don't see it OP :confused:
  10. and there is some that dont agree with you therefore seems racist to them.
    You need to keep in mind the diversity in the city..not everyone shares your opinions and beliefs and we need to be compasionate to everyones feelings.

    I garantee if you said fuck amercia many people would report it..
    Many folks take pride in thier country weather its run to your satifaction or not..

  11. Capitalism isn't a religion or a race of people. It's an economic system.
  12. Sorry dude, seems pretty racist to me.

    Stuff like "fuck Isreal and Zionism" that's like fighting words to some. Not surprised you got an infraction.

  13. SHE HUH? thats mind fuckery! thought t'was a brodem

    LOL. funny u dig up the comment haha

    i would prob take away the infraction if he is close to being banned.

  14. Not all Jews agree with Zionism, not in the way some Israelis view it anyway. I agree with that the Jews should have a state and govern themselves. But there are many different levels of Zionism, just like there are terrorists who take the writings of the Quaran the wrong way.

    When, Israelis take over Palestinian land and claim its their god given right, they are no better than a terrorist.

    What the state of Israel is doing, is about a million times worse, tahn anything I have ever said in my entire lifetime.

    Also, it is unfortunate, but the rest of the world usually bases its views on a nation by how the goverment of that nation rules and the decisions it makes.
  15. Sorry, but by that definition, I don't see it either:confused:
    Sure he stepped on toes - but I don't see it as racist......
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