Model419 pipe better than glass and incredibowl?

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    I was looking into glass pipes and the incredibowl and was going to buy either a new spoon or the m420. Then while going through the web i caught a banner somewhere with this lush, glinting shiny metal pipe called the model419. At first i thought it was just something cheap that looked flashy but then i researched into it and they have their own site, and a thread dedicated to it on another site. Well i read through it and people thought it was amazing. The physics of the thing is a little hard to explain so ill just paste some info of it on here

    Model419 keeps the air cleaner.
    Its unique 4-stage filtration system traps particles and debris, giving you a clean smoke every time.
    • Stage 1: The smoke is pulled down from the bowl and circulated through helical ports, which spins it into the first collection chamber. Here larger particles and debris collect on the chamber's walls.
    • Stage 2: The smoke speeds up as it is drawn through parallel ports. Here, more debris is collected from the air while the increased air speed helps keep the ports from plugging.
    • Stage 3: The smoke passes into a second chamber where it slows down to pass through a stainless steel micron filter. This filter is fine enough to stop particles the size of pollen and large coal dust.
    • Stage 4: The smoke passes through a third chamber before traveling up the mouthpiece. Here you should see a fine film of residue from the smoke collecting
    With Model419, we use the stainless steel's high rate of heat absorption to quickly remove heat from the smoke. We do this because there's not much time to cool the smoke down in such a compact pipe.
    We first utilize a finned head to get rid of heat produced during the lighting process. Heat from the smoke and the smoldering bowl is absorbed into the pipe's central heat sink… keeping it from reaching the outside surfaces. The heat then slowly dissipates through the heat sink to the outer surfaces.
    As you can see its almost like the incrdibowl with the heat sink absorbing much of the smokes heat and the helical ports like the incredibowls many carbs.

    My question is if i can get something as smoothe hitting as the incredbowl and also have style and an elegant design which is hand polished pure stainless steel (which takes hours to get shinning i've heard) then is their any point in buying an incredibowl. This thing just looks stunning and does the same job as the incredibowl.

    Heres the link to the forum i found on it: The Last Pipe You'll Have to Buy - 420 Magazine

    Heres a few more pics, what do you guys think about it?


    Pic of it next to a lighter for size reference


    Heres the bowl showing the 3 perfectly cut and shaped holes for the helical air cycle.

    Also you can see what i mean buy mimicking the incredibowls 6 carb thing with the holes on the botom of the bowl along with the holes in the bowl itself create a wonderful helix which cools down smoke along with the help of the heat sink. Rather clever idea i think.

    Heres a video of a plastic model they made to show how it all works inside. Due to it being plastic they hade to use a tube with a smoke machine filling it because a bowl would melt it but it works in the same principal, Enjoy:
    [ame=]YouTube - Clear Model419 Smoke Swirl[/ame]

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    hmm thats pretty cool. personally i think the incredibowl looks cooler but to each his own.

    what the price of this thing?

    edit: $100

    edit2: its good to see companies like this and incredibowl finding better ways to rapidly cool the smoke, hopefully soon someone comes up with a way to utilize the technology with bongs
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    dude, you think a piece of tube looks better than a hand polished slick heavy pipe. No way man! that model419 definatly looks better theres no question about that. But hay i geuss thats your opinion, each to their own.

    Edit: just saw your second edit, and yeah i think its cool too! cooling smoke in such a short time and length is just brilliant. Theres a video on this pipe showing its much cooler than a glass piece or a regular metal pipe. Thing was like only 70degrees F after smoking like 6 bowls down where the heat fins were.
  4. meh, i just think the mouthpiece looks kinda goofy, maybe if they made it thicker or something i would like it better. maybe i'm just not a huge fan of the sherlock in metal form, idk.
  5. i dunno, i think it all comes together to look wonderful and unique. Thought i agree with some of what you say. The mouthpiece does look a little plain and if i dont like biting down on bare metal. Maybe if they had some customizable rubber tips to put onto the end would look kinda cool and you wouldnt hurt your teeth or anything. I think the company is looking into it.
  6. Just buy a glass sherlock for 20-30 bucks and spend 70-80$ on weed. This product faces the same problem as the incredibowl: too damn much for something that is basically just a pipe.
  7. The Incredibowl I could see getting, but this...not so much.
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    a $20-30 glass sherlock will break and needs iso and shit to clean. This thing you rub of gunk with a paper towl and in 2 minutes its spotless. Man $100 isnt realy that much when your paying for true craftsmanship, a quality product that will last a lifetime and looks pretty danm cool with hand shine, cools your smoke alot and can get spotless clean in the nick of 2 minutes with simple towl. Now thats just low mattenance and cool! very stonner friendly lol plus it wont stink up like glass..Like i said iv got glass i was looking for something different, which this falls into
  9. I think this thing looks amazing. Much cooler than the incredibowl but im still deciding what i want to order.
  10. Sorry to burst you bubble, but all that "physics" of how the smoke spins and shit, is pretty much just saying the smoke goes down through some extra holes and into your lungs.
  11. I think the incredibowl is better just because it is glass, metal sucks. I would also not spend 100 dollars on a piece unless it was a bong or looked bad ass, that thing does not fall under either of those.
  12. erm, its not just going throughsome "extra holes". The "extra holes" have been cut both in size and position to perfection in order to achieve the swirling helix that cools and sucks through the smoke into the filters and aids the heat sink. You cant just blindly cut holes anywhere and hope for it to work. Check the video man on how the smoke looks when drawn through. By your thinking the incredibowl is just a pipe with "holes" yet they have sold so many and loads of positive reviews from each person who bought it.

  13. lol thats your opinion and thanks for the input either way. I personaly think its looks bloody cool! almost like a future "old days wooden pipe" if that makes sense. Everything about it looks amazing. And this actualy looks like a pipe where as the incredibowl looks like a crack tube to be honest lol :) not saying the incredibowl doesnt function wel but id be getting some crazy looks hitting that thing :rolleyes:. This however looks like a standard pipe but the shine and heat fins on the side just give it that bold look. Also the top can be shut so you dont loose your herb in your pocket when your not quite finished with your smoke but have to run along and do something which is another cool feature. Also they done something to this metal. Soaked it in some sort of liquid i cannot remember for hours 2 times to get rid of any "metalic" taste which is also good. I dunno, i thought people would like this clearly i was wrong..

    Edit: btw the only thing glass on the incredibowl is the bowl itself.

  14. +rep for this thread. I looked at the website, and the forum, and I am blown away at the quality of this product. Thank you for sharing this with me, the others are just ignorant, close-minded haters, so don't mind them. This is a very nice pipe, and I probably will buy one sooner or later.
  15. haha man im so glad someone liked it! i was beginning to think i was just weird in taste :eek:. I think this thing looks wonderful and functions very well for what it is. Cools smoke, looks cool, easy to clean and fits in your hand with a nice heavy solid feeling. Now thats something i can chill on the couch with! :D and i think i will be buying one myself once i get my next pay check so ill wait and see :)
  16. That thing looks way cool!

    I'll see that and raise you...


  17. what happens when that thing gets full of that sticky gooey resin? will it clog it and stop it from working correctly?

  18. is your smoke magically not resinous and sticky when you smoke out of that? if your\ try wiping a glass bowl with a paper towel it will look like shit and just spread it around. the same fucking thing happens with a metal bowl but simply you can not see it. so your claim of how easy it cleans is utterly useless. im not trolling but you obviously seem dead set on buying it no matter the opinions of others so why post?
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    Im posting to maybe see if others like this pipe. Its purely a show and tell. It was rare that i came across it and i doubt others will when looking into pipes so i thought id show GC about the model419. Im not trying to sell any im just telling people the facts about it. And my friend i dont know what kind of shitty metal pipes you have been smoking from but this stuff is top grade. Take a look at this vid before you start bashing what i said about how easily it cleans. And if you read the thread you would know the thing is SUPER easy to clean and hardly gets dirty even after loads of bowls! I do not like the way you spoke to me so i will be -rep'n you. You clearly attacked me for some strange reason when im trying to be helpful and informative :confused:

    anyways, heres the video kid just take a look at just how much crap comes of easily with a wipe of a tissue!

    [ame=]YouTube - Only 2 Minutes to Clean Model419[/ame]
  20. it hardly ever gets gooey enough to stop it from working, but when you notice its not efficient as it use to be then just crack that baby open and do a quick 1 or 2 minute clean and shes back to square one prestine condition! ;) just take a look at the vid. I could see myself cracking her open and making each part squeeky clean :D would probably become a fun habbit and part of the smoking pleasure after a while...

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