Model walks into propellor, sues.

Discussion in 'General' started by rain dancer, Mar 27, 2012.

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    so she was walking around in an airport...and walking around a plane....while the plane was on.....with the propellars spinning...and she just just walked into the blade?

    Edit: nvm she's a blonde:laughing:
  3. That would be quite a thing to witness :eek:
  4. yeah i mean how the hell do you walk into a plane propeller while its spinning? lol shell probably get mad bank off it
  5. I didn't click the link, just saw the picture. She looks manly as fuck. Is that her after surgery or something? Because if so I'd be more concerned with suing the surgeons =\.. If not then I'm a mean person
  6. Thats why lawyer dad would never let me have a trampoline. People will sue you if they get hurt on it and you'll be liable.
  7. I wanna see pics of that mutilated face and hand.
  8. Since when has being an idiot been grounds to sue?

  9. Since...always? :confused:
  10. 1776.
  11. I remember when this happened awhile back and I thought to myself, "I bet this dumb chick tries to sue". Sure enough.....
  12. hahahahahahahaha well all models are pretty stupid anyways but technically she isnt wrong in suing....
  13. [quote name='"nanners"']Thats why lawyer dad would never let me have a trampoline. People will sue you if they get hurt on it and you'll be liable.[/quote]

    Well he ruined your childhood. Trampolines are the shit. We would wrestle on mine and you won by throwing someone off. Good times.
  14. that propellor probably mangled her face.
  15. I'm sorry, but if you're stupid enough to walk into an airplane propeller, you do NOT have the right to sue.
  16. So India jones type shit
  17. Well she is a blonde....
  18. Lol it's sad that she's probably gonna get rich off this. Fuck the world.
  19. Oh well. She wasn't that good looking to begin with.
  20. The pilot should not have left the prop running, while passenger's exited the plane.... So I see the reason too sue, I mean shit she was alrdy offered 200k and turned it down.... The airline know's their pilot messed up.

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