Model number for latest arizer solo?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Amhai, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I am about to buy the arizer solo but I don't want to buy the old version that has the problem with flaking.

    What is the latest model number ? (the one without the flaking problem)
  2. Anything M106 and higher (M107, M1A, M1D, etc) is the newest model

    When you buy it, just look inside the bowl, should be gold/silver and not black, most ceramic models stopped being made at M104, and M105 ran a little cooler than all other models

    M106+ and you're good

  3. Hey thanks for letting me know!

    Did the M1A come after the M107 ?
  4. hey op u ever buy one? i bought m1d $150 ebay gold inside use while charge love it.
  5. Just got a new one from the supplier under warranty replacement. It's M1T and black. Do all the new ones let you smoke while charging?
  6. I think all after m1c. Maybe after m1a. though I cannot find the m1t u mention. m1d latest
  7. M1A could not be used while charging with out a separate power supply. M1D is not the latest. Im looking right now at the M1E serial number on mine. 
  8. That's great news and a very welcome surprise.  Always bugged me that I couldn't use it while charging.  Any other changes between the M1x units and the previous M0# ones?
  9. I bought M1E just a few days ago, so that could be the latest one... M1T sounds like a bit of a jump...  tbh im unsatisfied with it, until i can fit a screen in the stem... i prefer my vaporbros cause i dont inhale plant material through it.

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