mod reshuffle?

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Digit, Sep 4, 2003.

  1. mod reshuffle?

    i couldnt help but notice.... not only are someof the new sections modless, but some of the existing threads are sans mods. .... have some mods been stripped of their authority? or what?

    what's the deal?
  2. There are a few mods that haven't been around in a while.. SJ took them off the list so we can replace them with people that can do the job...

    We are working on who needs to go where . We have super mods that moderate all the forums.. So all forums are moderated even though they don't have names beside them...
  3. whats it take to be a mod anyway? lots of posts?,got to be here for a certin period of time?..just wandering how the mods got to be mods i havnt been here all that long
  4. We try and pick mods that are well balanced ,patient and have a good sence of humor .Posts and time severved are not really an indicator .Knowledge is very important in the grow sections.[​IMG]
  5. word, i get ya
  6. and you have to be super cool...Critter forgot about that requirement :D
  7. and you have to be able to do this thing with your tongue..
  8. Hey guys! Moderators are still being added. I know that some have noticed additions already. There's more to be done.
  9. What thing do we have to do with our tounges?. I need to know if im to get in my practice!!!....



  10. woop!
  11. My tounge only does tricks when it has a reason to......

    hint hint~
  12. well ...that depends . :D
  13. ROTFLMAO !!

  14. Did you know that there's actually a gene you need to be able to do that? It's funny though, I can do it and so can my sister, but my brother can't :p
  15. I can't see my tounge so I can't tell if I can do it or not....

    I can make my tounge tickle a woman though!

  16. but can you do it from 30 yards?

    and I can do that tongue thing, plus I can wiggle my ears and make my eyebrows move around in a kind of waving motion

    it's great for hypnotizing weak minded fools
  17. ya'll dudettes and dudines are quoting stuff I don't see.

    did someone get really nasty about this tongue fetish?
    We could do a Ripley's Belive it or not thing about tongue tricks. LOL

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