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  1. This picture just popped up on my facebook news feed and i thought i would share with all you because these pieces are very cool! the nano strato mix and reti are all cracy percs, would those be in the dome perc category though? also how do you think they compare to other percs. I know one thing, they sure do look pretty :D i want one! haha

    Theres one thing though, with the reduction in the neck as a ice stopper (which i think looks bad ass) and then the splash guard that is open at the top, it looks like a half melted icecube would fall like 7 inches down the neck of the tube from the reduction and land right on top of the perc, could this be a problem?

  2. yeah those mobius percs look pretty sick. In an interview he said he invented those to compete with gridding, but imagine if those were gridded too :eek:
  3. Definite props to Mobius(Circle?) for expanding/innovating rather than copying.
  4. Those are sick. How much they sell for?
  5. I'm pretty sure the splash guards are not open at the top. That would defeat all purpose of cutting slits on the sides of the guards. If you were to simply just use reduction as a splash guard why put slits in it?

    Plus the Nano is only 12-13" so the ice could even if it could fall through the splash guard which it won't, would only be like a 3" fall.
  6. It wouldn't be a problem. It'd just be more water in the perc, that's all. And yeah mad props to mobius/circle. Def going to be my next piece if any come over to the east coast
  7. I love the look of the nanos, and all the percs for that matter. Anyone know how much these run? I saw some prices a while ago but I don't think they were for the matrix percs etc.
  8. The OP was thinking an ice cube could melt enough to fall down the reduction and then fall through the splash guard. That would mean more than the water levels changing, something like that could destroy the beautiful and very functional perc.

    However, that shouldn't be a concern as the splash guards aren't open on top.
  9. +1 :bongin:
  10. The matrix seems to diffuse really well but only the top row bubbles. It would be much easier to make the same perc with only that top layer and it would function the same,
  11. Actually it wouldn't function the same. The whole point of the extra grids is that when you clear it there should be zero drag. So those grids do functions just not when milking.

  12. Oh ok i thought that the mobius splash guard was open at the top and connected to the inner circle of the reductions, but with cuts in the sides for the splash to be pushed out by smoke going up the center. Idk how i thought it worked but its better with a closed top so that the perc doesn't get broken by falling ice! that would be a terrible feeling haha
  13. If it was connected to the center of the reduction the easiest path of air flow would be straight up and it would take the water right with it. Some water and air would go through the slits, but most of it would still go straight up. Don't worry the percs are safe.

    If I had the money and the financial security to justify a Mobius nano with Reti/Matrix I would definitely seek one out, instead I'm setting my budget lower on purpose. I would love to own something like and SG stemline or upwards, but I could never justify that with my current job. I could save for one, but it's just too nice for me to own when I have other things in my life that are more important.

    Maybe with Mobius Nano Matrix/Reti's the old Mobius Nano will drop in price but I doubt it.
  14. You shouldnt be using ice cubes in high end glass anyways. No need plus it leaves hard water stains on your shit. NO BUENO!
  15. I can't wait to pick one of these pieces up next month! I love the nano but wanted to get something bigger like the reti.
  16. I think the size you are lookin for is the strato ;):D
  17. Agreed its more of a novelty on gridded perc tubes, fortunately my area has good water so I don't have the staining issue.

    One day id pick up a bubbler.

  18. its not the size of the boat! ;)

    I actually was looking for something in the 24" range, but I like that the nano is easier to hold straight when sitting down or on a couch.
  19. Wow. If I could some how purchase one right now via internet I totally would. Sold.
  20. From what I've seen, only the top 2 rows seem to diffuse--even when clearing. But im sure that has to do with water levels, lung power, etc...

    when will they make stemless pieces?

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