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  1. are there any good mmorpg's out for a console? i know there world of warcraft for pc but my pc sux. has anyone played the matrix one for ps2? is the elder scrools any good for 360?
  2. hmm i donno bout the MM part... but if you've still gotta hold of a ps1... get urself Final Fantasy 7.... best one ever made
  3. I played EQ for several years back in the day. Its not too hard on your PC visually. Most people turn the effects and shit off during raid time anyways. I played WoW for a bit but could never get into the end game. Nothing for me there. I've heard ES: Oblivion is good for PC, not sure about the 360.
  4. I have a dell dimension 2350, i dont know if your computer is better or worse, but i play everquest on it all the time, I dont know of any mmorpg's for console other then everquest online adventures for Playstation 2.
  5. Yah oblivion isnt online but still a great game. Instead of playing MMORPGS (I used to be badly addicted to WoW) I play Continuum. It should run on pretty much any computer and takes real skill.
  6. Oblivion..... :yay: :yay: Get it. Best RPG EVER. Good suggestion sffan. (even tho its not online)

  7. Damn I want oblivion so bad, I need a new graphics card first tho. sigh...
  8. my dl just finished yesterday:)

    your signature is the shit and for that reason i am going to hook it up with a rep
  9. I used to play EQ that shit was dank. All mmorpg's are so addicting i dont know if its a good thing or not, it takes a lot of time outta your life but its very entertaining and better then Tv
  10. i used to play eq, eq2, swg (before it was gayed), eve. mmorpgs just suck your money away. i use that money toward bud now and im much happer.

    hoever playing eq stoned was incredible
  11. Try Guild Wars or Runescape. Runescape is free, but you can pay monthly and get extra features, like 5 or so new skills to train.

  12. OBLIVION FUCKING BLOWS, they might as well should have made it a mmorpg they've fucking ruined all the game elements of the series anyways

    yes im bitter over them ruining it, yes i cant mod cause i game on console version because the fucking pc version decides to crash every 15minutes
  13. ive never played it, but Final Fantasy, either 11 or 12, i dont remember, for ps2 is online, and always looked pretty cool too me.

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