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mmj used by therapist?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by wazoo42o, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I just had the idea that when Colorado and Washington put recreational weed into play that it would be cool for therapists/councilors to spark up a joint in their sessions while talking about their problems and helping the person.
    Good or bad idea?
  2. Not too far off from a shaman. I'd love to have some really elegant, spiritual type lady come smoke me out and listen to all my problems, then tell me she understands and just leaves. That would be awesome!

    I think this is at the discretion of the therapist and what his or her personal style of therapy is.
  3. I think its an awesome idea, you are so right about the shaman thing.
  4. Would probably freak me out if I was straight edge and the one person I want to understand me (my therapist) is asking me to do drugs, lol.

    Fortunately, I'm not, so I think that would be totally awesome. :3 Might help some of those tight asses relax a bit, if anything.

    Though I could definitely see how the therapist would be taking risks doing something like that; I doubt many would be willing to for fear of offending or alienating their clients.
  5. Would probably have to be under the table lol..
  6. Hehehe; most of these outfits get some kind of federal funding and have to use established treatments, which wouldn't include marijuana.

    Which is not to say, if you want to pay out of pocket for a person to sit and listen to your whining while you toke, that it couldn't be done.
  7. Hell I'll be your therapist lol except you bring the weed and smoke me out, then you can talk about anything you want and after an hour I'll kick you out and bring in the next patient to smoke me out lol
  8. Honestly i think obama needs to smoke the u.n. out with some cali kush. Hello world peace haha.

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