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mmj in minnesota

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by damncrazylegs, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. Ive been looking into mmj in minnesota a bit, but get distracted with other shit so i never find out whats happening with it now. I know that there are bills in both the state senate and house of reps but not sure on their progress, and anyone have any news on pawlenty last word was he would most likely veto it.
  2. Pawlenty would put the veto on that real quick, gaurnteed. I haven't heard of anything in the smokers favor anytime recently.
  3. yea im sure he will, i gotta get the fuck back to mt and get my green card, in addition to the insanely better quality to price vs to mn
  4. I just saw on the news that the house will be voting on wednesday for MMJ. They said that Pawlenty was not in favor of the bill because it would "make it more difficult to fight the drug war". Idk if we'll see progress with Pawlenty around, but maybe our president can help out in a national effort.
  5. The bill's just in committee in the Senate, so they'll be voting Wednesday, then if it passes (which it will, 10 out of the 13 members of the committee voted yes last year), it will go to the full Senate floor. I just saw that a companion bill was introduced in the House as well.

    There are a couple of us Minnesotans in the Crohn's disease thread, and I'm definitely going to be at the committee hearings on Wednesday in the Senate, possibly testifying.

    Honestly, if Pawlenty vetoes this bill, I don't forsee him getting any positive reaction from it. When you defy your constituents (over 2/3 of Minnesotans support the bill), you'll pay for it in your political career. We can only hope that he gets sucked up by the national Republican machine to get him out of our state...
  6. Sadly, I think this is the very thing Pawlenty is gearing up for, and he thinks he needs to portray himself as "tough on crime" to be their new poster boy. He's missing the point that even the most staunchly conservative people that oppose ending the drug war STILL vote in favor of medical marijuana. Depriving the sick and dying of medicine is hardly a political home run any longer and Pawlenty better realize this if he wishes to further his national political intentions. The young voters are needed to win now and overwhelmingly support MMJ. :wave:
  7. i thought that al franken won the election after the recount so why is everybody talking about pawlenty vetoing the billl am i missing something

  8. please tell me that was a joke post
  9. no it wasnt a joke but i dont follow politics so explain to me why i sound stupid lol
  10. Franken and Coleman are in a headlock in the courts wrestilng for one of Minnesota's U.S. Senate seat.

    The Minnesota House and Senate are both poised to pass this. It then goes to the Governor's desk for his signature into law or he can veto. Pawlenty has threatened to veto for two years now that this legislation has been going through the MN house and senate, despite citizens supporting the legislation and our representatives also supporting it with a majority.
  11. lol yeah so i got some names mixed up thats funny hahaha

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