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MMJ for Acid reflux?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by d00d, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Well, i was just diagnosed with GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) which causes painful chest spasms and heartburn. Do you think i can get a Medical MJ license for this? I also have depression and anxiety disorders. I live in Vegas so it shouldn't be that hard to get a MMJ license right?

  2. Depression and anxiety for sure; if you have a medical card for those you don't need one for your GERD. Or are you asking if weed in general will help your GERD?
  3. It helps with my GERD. and with your other medical probs, should be easy to get your card, I know my Doc would script ya. Good Luck
  4. ok, thanks for the info:D
  5. i know for reflux that there is already a medication that works called zantac which i was prescribed with 4-5 years ago and it works very well, but if your doctor thinks m.m. will help than go for it.
  6. i'd rather have MMJ then zantac. lol
  7. And you just summed up the fear of big pharmaceutical companies right there! Most people would rather have MMJ than ANY of the crap they supply!
  8. sorry dude, you just want a MMJ card. Smoking definetly causes more acid reflux. I was diagnosed with GERD when I was like 13, wake up like every morning with heartburn so shitty you wanna puke. I can say without a doubt that smoking anything before going to sleep gives me (that much worse) acid reflux. Although sleeping sitting up kills it there and then.
  9. Cannabis helps with my GERD... when I had to quit smoking I had to start taking prilosec/zantac/nexium which all make me extremely nauseas and totally kill my appitite. I have been eating less then 1000 calories a day...
  10. Smoking fucks with my acid reflux. I know about all the horror of the pharm industry and everything, but I must say Prilosec is a godsend. Never had any side effects either. Just feel normal and no heartburn.
  11. Marijuana generally helps my heartburn. Pepcid works great though.
  12. Cannot imagine that a reputable doctor would give MMJ for acid reflux when the existing products on the market have no detrimental effects and actually work.
  13. That's not true. Prescription antacids like Prilosec or Zantac have a lot of potential side effects. I used to take Prilosec for a short while because I was diagnosed with GERD (wrongfully IMO, because my chronic heartburn went away after some regular exercise and weight loss). I got some of the common side effects like Diarrhea, headache, nausea, and constipation. Those things aren't too bad, especially considering the drug works, but it's also said that because of the way Prilosec works to prevent Acid Reflux, regular users of the drug can suffer from malnutrition and certain vitamin deficiencies. Prilosec, like all Proton Pump Inhibitors, work by disabling the proton pumps in the stomach which produce stomach acid. This reduces your stomach acid production by about 99%, which causes you to be unable to digest certain foods properly. Also, without all this stomach acid you're much more likely to contract food borne illnesses because they germs aren't killed by the stomach acid. All of that sounds pretty bad to me lol, which is why I'm glad all I needed to do was lose was weight and exercise to get rid of my heartburn.
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  14. They work, I'll agree, but they are NOT good for you.

    Marijuana, however has had no negative effects on my GERD but it also has no positive effects. The only time it has made it worse is if I give in to the munchies and eat something I shouldn't.
  15. I can testify this is not the case for me I was also diagnosed with severe acid reflux, I found that mmj is the only thing that works for me. It is dependent on the person like everything else. Which explains why my brother (diagnosed with the same condition) can take nexium (or maybe its achiphex w/e it doesn't matter) and be at 100%, me on the other hand while I take the same drug it has no possitive effect and makes my buthole bleed.
  16. that's why you vaporize it and not smoke it if you have this condition. I also have it, and if I VAPORIZE it eliminates nausea associated with it. OF COURSE smoke will agitate your oesophagus, but I need to mention the fact that there is RESEARCH that backs up the fact your sphincter is tightened as a side effect of cannabis, so if you vaporize it you will find some relief.
  17. I have a co worker who has his for GERD. Colorado though.
  18. I have GERD yet i am not in a state where i am able to smoke it legally i have found that marijuana is the best medicine for my GERD i was recently prescribed omeprazole 40 mg was told to take two tablets daily and it did not help me near as much as cannabis i had problems with weight loss do to loss of appetite because of my GERD marijuana helps cannabis is a miracle plant thats all i can say
  19. Okay, first reply. What brought me here was GERD. Actually, after testing my challenge is my esophagus does not contract in the lower section. Leaves a wide open source for acid and food shooting up the wrong way after I sleep. Not good for the lungs when it goes back down the wrong pipe. Asphyxiation is not my preferred method of leaving this world. One doctor suggested a feeding tube. PPI's (nexium, omeprazole, etal) work to reduce acid but you need acid in the stomach to breakdown food for nutrients. Have lost a butt load of weight, had to leave parties and dinners to toss the meal. Not a very social disease.

    My question: Is there a strain that anyone has found that works with the stomach and can control sphincter action as well as reduce acid reflux? Not just "yes, MMJ helps" but an actual strain I can procure. Any suggestions helpful.

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