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MMJ eligibility?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeebus420, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So I really want to go to cali for college. (no not just for the bud) what i'm wondering is, if i move to cali, how could i get MMJ? do you have to be a resident in cali? and for how long? how do you gain residency? I've searched but found jackshit.

    Btw, is insomnia good enough for MMJ? because it really reallyyy helps me... but i feel like the state might look at insomnia as a small problem, not worthy of MMJ... anyone know for sure?
  2. As far as I know you just give the Doc the 150 and he'll get it for you. Just say you have headaches caused by stress or something.
  3. Bro you can get a mmj card because you are never hungry lol. Or because you get alot of headaches. You can choose whatever you want and the mmj docs dont really care. But i think you just need a california government issued ID. so get a Cali drivers license and your good. If your in nor cal try some northern lights. or cali mist
  4. Well, I'm from the east coast.. so we know all about the Northern Lights. haha :smoke:

    But, thanks. definitely want to go to cali. It's just the plane ticket price for when i want to come home.. :/
  5. You need to be a resident of the state I believe(Lived for 1 year in CA.)
  6. yeah thats hat i had originally figured.
  7. It's ok if your just here for the weed. we don't judge here. :D
  8. For in-state tuition costs you usually have to prove residence for at least 90-days before school starts. I don't believe there are any residency restrictions on mmj. I think you're pretty much a citizen of Cali or whatever state your in as long as you get a license/ID in the state.
  9. a guy at a head shop showed me his card. he told me he went in and said he was shot in the head, his arm was missing, and his legs were gone. the doctor said i only need one. he paid his bill and that was it, its too easy.
  10. I have mine in co, I think you have to be a resident for like 6 months, or a year not sure
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    "You need to be a resident of the state I believe (Lived for 1 year in CA.)"

    Half-way right, hon! ;) You DO need to be a resident, but there is no time limit! All you need is a CA driver's license, or CA ID Card- both from the DMV. You will need your old ID and a bill with your name and California address on it.

    So one month to get a bill, a couple of weeks to get your driver's license/ ID card and then go find a walk-in clinic if you are on the "big city"! You will also need current medical records that tell about your medical problem and the cash. :smoke:

    "Pot docs" come in two basic varieties. There are the "True-believers" who have seen what a miracle cannabis can be. :yay: And then there are the many "Whores", who will practically give you a rec for being "warm and breathing"! :p The "Whores" are at the "el cheapo" clinics.

    Now as to what qualifies as a "legit" condition. Well, I have this list of medical conditions that cannabis can help. :rolleyes: All you gotta do is click that first link in my sig, and read! You can get a rec for almost all of them in California and it's a long list! Everything from ADD /ADHD to Wilson's Disease. :eek:

    California is blessed with cannabis saner laws than many states! :hello: Even if you find you cannot get a rec (very rare!), the penalty for possession of under one ounce is a $100 fine. :D NO criminal record! It's on the same level legally as a parking ticket! :smoke:

    Hope that helps!

    Granny :wave:
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    Say you were to lie to the doc about your condition, will they just take your word for it? I guess the "whore" docs would haha
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    Say if you were to lie about your condition. Would they just take your word for it? And could you get in trouble? Haha
  14. You NEED your medical records with about 99% of the docs! Any doc who gives recs without medical records is asking for big trouble! So lying won't cut it, kid! :cool:

    And rather than lying, why not become an activist? Help me GET CANNABIS LEGAL! :hello:

    Actually working towards a good goal seems better to me, than becoming a low-life liar! :rolleyes:

    Granny :wave:

  15. Dont make up a condition to get a mmj card :mad:
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    The law states that marijuana is legal for chemo, pain, ..., "and for any other ailment that marijuana provides relief."

    You don't need to lie.
    Ever had trouble sleeping? Insomina.
    Ever had trouble eating? Appetite trouble or nausea.
    Ever been sad? Depression.
    Ever been uncomfortable? Anxiety.
    Ever hurt? Pain.

    Even if there is nothing wrong with you I'm sure there is some aspect of your personal or social life that would be improved with marijuana.

    If you tell the doctor straight and true, or at least with a straight face, that you are sad/hurt/not hungry and that you could really use something to improve your quality of life, they will care for you.

    They are doctors, it's their job.

    Like any job, there are probably dick doctors out there but everyone I've dealt with has been reasonably intelligent and compassionate.

    (Just FYI: If you go in with the mindset that you're lying, at least try to look or act like the condition you claim.)

    Doctors are like teachers, they want to feel good about their job and it's a lot easier to do that when they're giving a card to someone they know it will help. You don't have to be pushy and whiny, be calm and sincere. A little sad and forlorn never hurt either lol.

    TS: Do it. Once you're here you'll never want to leave. (Except maybe to go to some nice places outside the US or Hawaii hahaha)

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