MMJ crackdown a cover up for Fast and Furious scandal

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Taylored, Aug 14, 2012.

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    Didn't mean to make it sound like fact, which is why I said it was my opinion. It just irritates me when someone thinks California is the best state in the U.S.:smoke: That poll on the first page said 61% of CO is pro legalization.[/quote]

    I dont recall saying Ca is better then CO, just that legalization will fail there just as it did in CA for the same reasons. The biggist being police unions lobbying to keep it illegal. They rely heavily on federal drug programs for funding. With out pot busts the amount of drugs they seize is not enough to recieve the funding that is thier lifeblood.
  2. There's "full" legalization for up to an ounce in Alaska. I'm surprised more people don't know this.

  3. No worries bro, I didn't mean that you were the one who said Cali is better, it was someone else. I was just justifying my reason to put iin my two cents about CO:smoke:

  4. Eff the Feds. All it takes is an argument in court by the state that the federal classification is in violation of the tenth amendment. If the court rules against the state anyway, bring up charges against the court. There has to be a line drawn at some point. The federal government cannot be allowed to consistently violate the Constitution as they have been doing, the people need to take a stand and draw a line in the sand once and for all, if they cross it, they will be done for, one way (lovelution) or another (revolution). It's about goddamn time to hold them to the true law of this land!
  5. ?

    It's obviously not fully legalized. Not sure what your point is.
  6. Actually no one in this thread said anything about Cali being better than Co. However, you did say CO is better than Cali.

  7. they didn't? WOW I'm a dumbass. a high dumbass:smoke: Sorry dudes!
  8. Yeah Alaska is sort of legalized. Not full enough for the DEA I guess though. Apparently you are legally allowed an ounce of dried cannabis on your possession without repercussion. I don't know if this is all of Alaska or if only in some areas so correct me if I'm mistaking.

  9. I fully agree.

    I have heard that the way the feds get around the 10th amendment is the interstate commerce clause. That is the clause that has the Feds all up in the states rights(to my understanding).

    The thing I always thought was dumb about the Feds using the Interstate commerce clause to clamp down on MMJ is there is no interstate commerce happening. All the commerce is restricted to with in the state.

    Its very possible I am missing something here.

  10. My point is Alaska is further ahead in the legal marijuana movement. It's not MMJ, it's not decriminalized, it's legal. They only have a limit on how much. Doubt they really enforce that, though.

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