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MMJ Card

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DJ MC, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Just wondering, how did you guys get your MMJ card? I want to get mine. Just curious on how you guys did it.
  2. I haven't tried. :confused_2:
  3. i was on a plane once, sat next to this awesome dude he was a skydiving instructor a base jumper an optometrist and something else. He said his brother (or cousin cant remember to well) went into a clinic in Colorado, with a whole story ready in his head for his mmj card. He gets in there, starts his story and the doctor was basically like shut up give me your money here is your card. I guess you either get lucky, or you actually qualify for one ;)
  4. where's my luck at
  5. What state are you in, varies a lot state to state.

  6. Arizona
  7. Nice! I got a mmj card in az. I got it for colitis, chronic pain, and chronic vomiting (not fun). Do you have any kind of medical issues you have a history of? Here it is much easier to get with prior medical records.
  8. Have you broken any bones in the past 7 years?
  9. I was discussing my insomnia problem with my friend who advised to try cannabis. Lol!
    I didnt know i was qualifying for the mmj card,as i had one of the required medical problems. Once discussed with the doctor, i get in just minutes.
  10. Most people get a MMJ card due to their medical issue. Sounds like you're trying to be one of those people who lie to abuse the system.
  11. Look online at the list of acceptable diagnosis for Arizona

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