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MMJ Card In Colorado

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by k-money, May 19, 2010.

  1. okay well im 18 and i really want to go to college in colorado. i wanted to know what you need to get a MMJ recommendation or whatever. i have had lymes disease since i was 13 and for those of you that dont know what lymes disease is, its when you get bit by a tick carrying the disease. this disease causes alot of joint pain. i wanted to know if i went to a doctor in CO, and i said i have lymes disease (of course give him my med. records) would he recommend me for MMJ? is this a legitimate reason to get a card?
  2. you will be able to get one no problem.

    but if you dont live here already, and are coming to school here in the fall, the new regulations will be in place by then.

    from what i understand it seems like they will be setting up a board of supervisors who basically will decide wether or not anyone under 21 will qualify.

    i think i also read in that law that anyone under 21 will not be allowed into dispensaries. not sure if that is true though. wish i could remember where i read that....ill try to find a link
  3. ^^
    Found the source at or The Denver

  4. is this true?

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