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MJ withdrawl question

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Defiant81, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hi, I'm 27 year old who smoked for nearly 4 years straight.. had to quit about a month ago for drug test/job. Since I quit.. for the first week I didn't really have any withdrawal symptoms...second week I couldn't even fall asleep... had irritability.. rage.Now lately in the third and 4th week.. I'm able to fall asleep.. but i can't stay asleep for more than 4-5 hours.. Is this considered part of withdrawals...? Is this normal?
  2. Usually its only the first 2-4 days that sleeping is difficult. Try taking some melatonin, it helps me sleep when I'm withdrawing from stuff.
  3. I'm no doctor, but as far as I know, there is no physical addiction possible with weed. You could suffer psychological withdrawals, however, I would imagine.

    I smoked weed for 19 years straight, and then stopped for a year. I suffered no physical or psychological withdrawals from weed, at all, myself. I paid careful attention, too, when I stopped, for any symptoms. There were none.

    Cigarettes actually have a much higher psychological addiction level than weed, and personally, I think that is mainly because cigarettes are legal. We have been brainwashed into believing that smoking them somehow makes us more cool, or improves our image, or something. At the very, very least...cigarettes make the person that is addicted to them feel, at some level, enough like they are getting SOMETHING out of it to keep smoking a cigarette every 15 minutes to an hour or so, for the rest of their <shortened> lives. For real...they must. I know I believed I got stress relief from smoking cigarettes...for 38 years...LOL. far as I know, and I have looked into it, there are no known "Withdrawal" symptoms from weed, unless they are self induced, and psychological only, from what I understand.

    I hope that helps.

  4. Yeah that sounds like what I go though every time I quit. But the worst part for me is I just can't stop thinking about it, which gets really annoying. I'm telling you this in case you have the same deal, I just read books or watch movies or anything to keep my mind busy.
  5. I can't sleep without weed or nyquil/unisom or something. If I don't smoke for a week, I get pretty short tempered and whatnot. I wish you luck :wave:

    sorry no useful information was presented, just thought i'd give my two sense

  6. completely agree i tried stopping and it only lasted one week and for that one week i was so cranky and i was never hungry and i was depressed but i didnt only stop weed so i could have been the other stuff
  7. Yeah, most ignorant smokers (not referring to person above :)) claim there is no withdrawal, but if you have been smoking a bunch and go cold turkey, expect to be easily irritated and have trouble relaxing and sleeping.
  8. my mind likesto get high:smoking: when i dont smoke for a couple days it gets restless
  9. When I dont smoke I dont get hungry, have trouble sleeping, and get irratable too.
  10. marijuana withdrawls are mental.... but for your sleep problems, run to your grocery store and buy this natural supplement called valerian root. If you can't find it, look for something in the organic supplement area that has something to do with relaxing and sleep. Then look in the ingredients and if it mentions valerian root then buy it! all natural and it puts you to sleep fast, keeps you asleep, and gives you crazy vivid dreams.

  11. maybe you should read what i said before you refer to me i said other stuff besides weed.. try 4 or 5 xanax a day, but im ignorant huh?
  12. so how long does these withdrawal symptoms last for? its driving me crazy only being able to sleep 3-4 hours a night..
  13. I havent tried quitting long enough since ive started to find out how long they last but the longest ive experienced was just 1 night without smoking. I had to eventually take benadryll to fall asleep and I wouldve been up ALL night if i wouldnt have taken something to sleep. I also tend to snap on people and notice im nervous or anxious all the time. Weed does have withdrawals IMO. Dont get mad cuz u dont agree

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