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MJ, Coast To Coast

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sins, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. A friend of mine, who lives in Seattle with me, just got back from a trip to Baltimore, MD and told me when he was out there, he was at this house party and he had brought some Maui Waui ganj that he brought from Seattle, which is pretty much the most average kind of weed you can get here. But apparently when the people at this party started taking hits of it, they thought it was the dankest stuff they'd ever smoked, and my friend ended up selling an eighth of the Maui for about 75$.

    I dont know if this was just the people at the party or something, but does the East Coast just not have as good of weed? or does the West Coast just have exceptional weed?
    speaking in generalizations of course....
  2. I cant specifically speak for baltimore, but DC is about half an hour south. We have good headies but its expensive as hell and can be hard to find so most people get middies or mid to low grade kb. Prices for headies get stupid in the late winter, ive seen haze going for like 115 an 8th. 75 is pretty standard.

  3. Yeah man
    this stuff


    was fetching 2000 a pound out here in central/northern cali but sold for 3500 in colorado so I can't imagine it going to the east coast I've heard pounds between 6000 and 8000 for top quality herb out there.
  4. Yeah dude, the lowest I've heard of a LB of dank is like 3, highest is 6. Shit is very expensive on the east coast.
  5. a pound of that stuff would be around 5k easy
  6. east coast has just as much if not more weed then you west coasters. obviusly those party kids dont know anyone with decent weed.

  7. Exactly, and in new york the prices are even more insane.

    **800th post**

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