mj and heart attacks?!

Discussion in 'General' started by gringo, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. does any1 hav any info on this subject
  2. What do you want to know?

    I've had two heart attacks and still smoking!
  3. smoking bud increases your heart rate, but if you get a heart attack from THAT, i wouldnt go jogging anytime soon..

    ..or try to stand up :D
  4. I just think he had a panic attack and is new and though he was gonna have one. Thats what i thought when i smoked first time and had one. My heart was beating about 140 a minute(counted by my sober friend)...and i was so freaked out i thought that each blu-blump was two instead of one so that made it worse...haha. Anyway, you arent gonna have a heart attack from mary jane unless you get one from running down the street or something. Cheeeeel.
  5. mj can increase the risk of heart failure in individuals with poor blood circulation. This is usually due to obecity, sickle cell anemiey, diebetes and general heart related illnesses
  6. swine, ur right in that i did hav a panic attack but that was bcos it felt like i stopped breathing at times, but i know i am breathing, so that worry has kind of stopped, but now its just cos my heart beats like mad, so its really the same as running or going for a jog? if thats the case then its cool! is that just it then?
  7. Yeah gringo. Just dont freak out. If you start to freak out just talk t0 people there with you or just tell yourself "Man, im such an idiot, this is only in my mind. Chill out self. Its just weed".

    Youll be fine man.
  8. yeah smoking increases your heartrate about the same as if you did, say, 15 jumping jacks.

    its so minor its neglegable. If you can have a heart attack from so little, then you got troubles anyways.

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