Mixtape - High Times (Tracklist)

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  1. Hip-Hip Mixtape - High Times


    Kottonmouth Kings - Pass It Around
    Lieutenant - Rock Music
    Chamillionaire - The Ultimate Victory
    50 Cent & Mazaradi Fox - Its Southside
    Juice - No Half Steppin
    Traxamillion - My Truck Sit Higher (Spaceships)
    G.A.G.E. - Favorite Hustler (Produced by Cool & Dre)
    2Pac - A'll Bout U (Ft. Snoop Dogg' Nate Dogg' Fatal & Yaki Kadafi)
    Lil Wayne - Miami Vice (Ft. Currency & Mac Maine)
    Traxamillion Ft. Smitty Grands - I Luv To Ride High
    Chamillionaire Ft. Bun B - Pimp Mode
    AC & Britney - What Ya Sippin On
    Yung Joc - Play Your Cards (Prod by Cool & Dre)
    Lil Boss Ft. Dallas & Troublesome - Get High
    2pac - Reminisce (Choo Mix)
    2pac Ft. Tha Outlawz, T.I & Jamie - Live In The Sky
    Nas - Hope

  2. up! Good Mixtape. The Miami Vice track and also most of the songs on here are tight. Comment if you like the tape and if so ill make more.
  3. seriously, no smoking mixtape is complete without atleast 1 devin the dude track

    what a job
    sticky green
    doobie ashtray
    til its all gone
    nothin to roll with
    steady gettin blowed

    he's made too many great smoking songs to name

    good songs tho
  4. Yeah iv heard them mayb on the next tape ill add a remix i have of What A Job with Tupac & Devin The Dude.
  5. Props I will bump to this
  6. Got a 2nd tape im gona post up in 20 mins.
  7. Thanks for the free tunes! +rep

    And where is Cypress Hill?
  8. Co-Sign on every smokin mixtape i atleast got one of his joints on there they all classics to me he's one of the most underrated.
  9. I can def. bump to this, thanks! No 3 6 though?.. :( More posts like this. +rep:hello:

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