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Mixing weed with Tobacco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Silky, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Hey GC,
    I've been reading about how cigarettes give you a head rush when you smoke and many peopled referenced clove cigarettes. Why would they give better results than normal cigarettes especially when clove cigs are 40% clove, and 60% tobacco. It would seem that they would give you less of a nicotine buzz. Is it the clove that gives the head rush?
  2. For clove cigs; it is the clove that gives the added effect. I used to smoke purely mixed with weed but I kinda thought better of the health concerns and all that that I cut it out and the taste of it improves greatly as well as the healthiness. Just get sufficiently potent weed and you won't have any need for further head rush feelings
  3. Don't smoke tobacco with your weed just to get an extra rush. I smoke cigarettes and well the buzz you get when you first start is nice and all but after your tolerance goes up and you're just addicted to it then its really not all that fun. I would say just stick to the herb if you can. At least its not going to kill you one day.
  4. Just quit the cigs man. Try the nicotine gum or just try cold turkey. Maybe smoke a joint instead of a cig? lol. Anyway, I don't mix tabacco with weed because i think it just waters down the weed. Stick to 100% weed.
  5. Like it's already been said, just avoid tobacco totally. I'm a cigarette smoker right now and let me tell you: FUCK TOBACCO!
  6. I think it's kinda cool to be able to say you smoke weed but have never smoked tobacco, I wouldn't do it just because there isn't really a point to starting.
  7. Thats weird. Cigs are the first drug I tried. Typically, people who smoke weed know what a cigarette does for you.

    That's pretty cool if you leapfrogged smokes for bud.
  8. I'm a cigarette smoker as well. Keep tobacco and weed seperate. I wouldn't mix the two. Smoking is a hard habit to kick as many blades on here can second.

    Only time I have mixed tobacco and weed was when a buddy and I mixed some shisha(sp?) and weed then smoked it from his hookah.

    Sometimes I wish I could smoke just weed. Its so much healthier for you.
  9. Advice Taken: I will not even try tobacco.

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