Mixing temazepam and hydrocodone.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Diceman, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. Been on the temaz throught the day n just popped 3 5mg hydros. (small dose but it gets me aight)

    Im wantin to sniff another 15mg temaz but all these "mixing benzos and opiates are bad" threads got me second guessin it.

    I got no problem poppin bars with hydros but I havn't fucked with temazepam much.

    Temazepam is a benzo but its not as not as powerful as bars or klonys but they carry the story of bein the easiest to have respitorory failure with.

    This is just from the grape vain not all personal experience
  2. hm. personally i'd do it, but if they're more dangerous i guess i wouldnt suggest you do it. maybe someone else can chime in. i dont know if i made sense lol

  3. lol yeah thats the boat im in. I dont see why it would be a big deal with the low does of hydros but figured fuck it maybe someone here knows a little more

    Bout the just rail it, hit the bong n then crash
  4. rail it

    I mix benxos and Op's a good amount just be careful and dont do to much of either.
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    Dude, go for it. I'd recommend popping the temazepam though, since they are super chalky and will irritate your nose. Just pop em one at a time, an hour between each and just go with how your body feels.. If you start to fell tired just don't take any more and drink some coffee and stay awake until it wears off.

    Do you even really feel anything off temazepam? I used to be prescribed 60mg/night and did them every way, including shooting, to no effect at all.. :confused:

  6. iv heard they say they reallly fuck my freind up but you gotta take alot
  7. Dude I've eaten 300mg+ in a night, I've shot up 180mg at one point even but they still don't do shit but make me lay down and stare at shit. Not tired, just unmotivated to do anything.

  8. yea i dunno

    the 6mg of klonnys are kicking in. happy time to ensue.... also popped a 10mg ambien, drinkin now i love fucked up all day saturdays.
  9. Benzos are generally much safer than most people are led to believe and in moderate doses, mixing with a small amount of opiates like that won't leave you with any negative repercussions.

    However, it's really not a smart idea in the long run. With depressant experimentation, you don't get to be wrong even once. There is no room for error. One night's high is never worth risking your life for.

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