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Mixing Sativa & Indica

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KingDoobie, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. I wan't to know what my high will feel like if I pack a 50/50 amount
    of both dominant indica and dominant sativa bud in my MFLB or
    bong? I'm stuck in between, because for some reason indica makes me
    relaxed, but whenever I smoke just indica I become lazy and couch locked,
    so recently I started smoking sativa but I become too paranoid, so I was
    wondering if I could get the best of both worlds by combining them :hello:

    PS: Also, sorry if this question has been asked before, if it's a problem mods
    please go ahead and delete this thread.
  2. you'll become sober because they cancel each other out
  3. Perfect combo try it
  4. It's works great man I do this when I have a sativa harvested a bit too early

    It's a completely weird high and it's constantly different lots of fun though :) and it's also good of you get bored of a certain strain

  5. Haha yeah I wan't the best of both worlds, I've tried hybrids but they're
    usually a weaker high.
  6. It's super hard to find either a 100% indica or %100 sativa so you're probably mixing the two when you don't even know. Good luck, man.
  7. [quote name='"KingDoobie"']

    Haha yeah I wan't the best of both worlds, I've tried hybrids but they're
    usually a weaker high.[/quote]

    Yeah some hybrids are good others are better :)
  8. Nothing beats an indica bowl topped with sativa crystal - or vice versa.
  9. I think nothing beats a dab period lol :D they get me very medicated !!!
  10. I wan't to start dabbing soon too ;)
  11. its amazing its like the first time you get high but it just keeps on goin :) edibles i like better though but dabs man they kick in so quick ;)
  12. Your Bong..wait .. I mean Brain will explode! :smoking:
  13. Everyone is stating that it's a different high, but I'm wondering
    how it's a different high? Which kicks in earlier the sativa or the indica
  14. Both lol it's different because if you put more indica in you get more indica effect if you put 5050 you get a jig which can't decide to remain more body or head lol don't bother asking you have both weeds why not mix it and vape it already or smoke of your like that

  15. I'm only asking cause I ran out of weed lmao :rolleyes:
  16. Lol sorry that sucks I always go to measures to buy early so I never run out. Lol just my 2c

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